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Here is your ultimate guide to chess gambling. It will teach you how to start playing at chess betting sites.

Chess betting has gained popularity in recent years, and not only among followers of the age-old board game. We have everything you need for placing online bets on chess: from professional tips on chess wagering to information on the most significant events.

Best Betting Sites in Chess Betting

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Features of the Best Chess Betting Sites

Our proficient squad undergoes a meticulous evaluating technique that is used to determine which sites should be included in our top list. We understand that you take into account several factors before choosing where to play, and thus we engage in an in-depth analysis of every aspect of each chess betting site before writing reviews about it.

If you have decided to bet on chess online, there are particular places that you should take note of. We will now look at some of the main factors we consider in reviewing chess gambling platforms:

Player moving game piece during chess match

Chess Betting Odds

It is only a few bookies that offer chess odds. But still, some of these bookmakers have higher odds for the players. Looking for the best chess betting odds sites on the net. Also, we want the best betting sites for chess to provide not just Chess World Championship betting odds but also covers other tournaments and happening in chess.

Bonuses & Promotions

There are bonuses for new customers on every website where people can place bets online. However, we evaluate these promotions and only list bookmakers who offer profitable bonuses with reasonable conditions. We also consider what other offers the site provides while looking out for opportunities to find particularly attractive promotions among new betting sites aimed at attracting more players.

Live Streaming

You must absolutely watch live streams of chess games if you love betting on live and in-play markets. Today, many sportsbooks allow their customers to view the events they have placed bets on via live streams. After placing your bet, it is important that you follow these sporting events from sites that stream chess tournaments and other sports so as to be in touch with what is happening.

How to Bet on Chess Online

If you are a new beginner in sports betting, do not panic; it is very simple to begin. Here is our guide on how to start playing chess at bookmakers.

Step 1

Create an Account

Go through this page and choose any of the recommended bookmaker’s sites here. Click on it and you will be taken to its site. That is where you can open an account for free. Here, you just need to fill in some personal information such as your name and address. Choose a strong password which will enable you use the site effectively.

Step 2

Make Your First Deposit

Locate the area where you are supposed to make payments for chess. From there, a window will pop up with a list of options to choose from. Select one that is suitable for you and follow the guidelines provided in order to deposit money into your bookmaker account instantaneously.

Step 3

Find Your Chess Event

Pick chess from the sports’ list on the site. There, there is a range of future chess contests. Choose the tournament or match you want to bet on from the table.

Step 4

Place Your First Bet

Choose the market you wish to wager in and pick the bet of your choice. The wager will be included in the betting slip where you can state how much you want to stake. If you are satisfied with the odds and possible winnings, go ahead and confirm your first chess bet!

Chess boards set up for a tournament

Most Common Chess Betting Markets

There are not so many markets in chess betting compared to most of the other sports. Nevertheless, bookmakers have gone out of their way to ensure that you can bet on games, matches and tournaments in as many ways as possible.

Here is a breakdown of the online chess betting markets you are likely to see at recommended sites.

Outright Winner

Elite invitationals conducted globally attract between six and 16 grandmasters, who compete for the top spot. In the outright winner market you can choose the player who will be crowned a champion at the end of the tournament, not individual games.

The players’ strength determines the odds in the outright winner market, but these change as a result of each round’s outcomes. Magnus Carlsen may start a tournament as the preferred player, yet if he loses two out of three games played first, the whole field might be affected by huge differences in odds.

Match Winner

When speaking of match winner markets, there are two types to choose from; nonetheless, they both involve two players playing against each other. Sometimes this means a single game of chess. In such situations, you can typically stake on either competitor winning or the game ending as a draw.

In other cases, players may face each other in a series of games known as a match either as part of a bigger competition or an event on its own like during the Chess World Championship. You can place your bets on which player will emerge the winner of the match.

Opening Move

There is, however, enough diversity of opening moves on chess betting sites for there to be at least a market for it because the grandmasters maintain a certain level of conformity with regard to their openings. The idea behind this is very simple: you only have to predict White’s first move in the beginning of the game; if your prediction is correct, then you win as well.

More often than not, the chessboard is set with a pawn moving to e4 or d4 but still other moves such as c4 and Nf3 are also used frequently while sometimes lesser-known choices are tried. Player’s habits about opening moves can be studied to determine what opening moves they normally play.

Number of Moves

Like in other sports, this bet type is similar to totals and over/under bets. A specific number of moves will be listed by the bookie and one should bet on whether the game will end before or after that point.

For example, Anish Giri and Fabiano Caruana’s match may have 42.5 moves in total. If you think that the game would end in less than 42 moves, then place your bet under; if you think that the game will exceed 43 moves, put your money on over.

Betting on Popular Chess Events

Let’s now talk about four of the most popular events for betting on chess:

Candidates Tournament

During each World Championship cycle, the Candidates Tournament is organized to identify a player to challenge the reigning champion. There are several qualification pathways available to players, but typically this format sees eight grandmasters competing in a double round-robin tournament. At the conclusion of these matches, the World Chess Champion is crowned after winning it.

World Chess Championship

The format of the World Chess Championship is a match between two players only, that is; current world champion and challenger. Although their duration has varied with time, the current rules state that the match should consist of 14 games in which the players alternate between playing white and black pieces. In case regular play ends in a draw, faster rapid – or even quicker blitz – tiebreaker games will be played to determine a winner.

Norway Chess

Norway Chess has been organized by the country of Norway in Stavanger every year since 2013. The event often includes both blitz and classical formats. Magnus Carlsen is the leading player in each type having secured victories three times in both classical and blitz disciplines, which is more than any other player.

Chess 9LX

On a yearly basis, the Chess 9LX tournament consistently attracts some of the greatest chess players in the world to its Saint Louis Chess Club venue for a Fischer random event. Every chess game is set from a match involving two people who are trying to determine where each player will start on their back row pieces randomly assigned (but within specified rules) in the first move. It’s dubbed as chess 960 because it can begin any one of nine hundred sixty different ways.

Chess Betting Tips & Strategy

In case you were not already a major supporter of the game of chess, it is possible that you might not understand many things concerning this game. Chess tournaments are some of the aspects in chess that one would not know about without taking part in them. In fact, I did not even know who the top grandmasters were or how to play the game as a student. But don’t worry. It’s just fine; you’re like most others (8).

We have compiled a list of our finest tips for betting on chess to help you in perfecting your strategy. By doing this, you will be more confident when logging into the best chess betting site for the next big tournament or match.

Learn the Basics of Chess

Don’t expect to become a grandmaster within the shortest period possible, although it might aid if you acquire some knowledge about chess since this will maximize your returns on betting. Just knowing how pieces move around the board is not enough; there must be something more to that for you to bet effectively on chess online.

Take for instance, understanding how games end helps. There are different ways a game can draw while top players tend to resign much earlier than the checkmate is reached. This would be helpful in making better decisions when it comes to how many moves markets are available on various chess betting sites.

Learn About Top Players

It helps to become very familiar with the best players in any sport before you place your bet, and chess is no exception. It may be a good beginning to know the relative strength of top (or not so top) grandmasters; but there are still other things that you can pick up on to aid your handicapping.

Just as an example, some participants sign a more substantial fraction of their matches than others or perform above expectations with either the white or black pieces. It is also important to note that relationships count, for example, there are certain rivals who will do everything within their means to win against each other and there are friends who would mostly agree in draws except when one must win in order to maintain their tournament standing.

Understand Event Formats

On that score, it is essential to have a rudimentary grasp of how chess tournaments are organized and what this implies for the participants in any given game or match. It can be clear at different stages that players would fight hard to win or accept a draw without wasting time, and this should inform your stake size.

As in the example, should a tournament feature a round-robin to determine who qualifies for the knockout stage, two top performers may be ready to play a draw at the end of a match since this result secures their progression. Moreover, other markets can also be influenced: if players want to get tied, they usually perform that act promptly and for this reason, there might not be made many moves.

Judging Player Form

Monitoring major chess websites can be worth your while if you want to know how each participant has performed in the previous tournaments. For instance, leading publications such as New In Chess offer views on the contemporary activities of top grandmasters. Like other sports, in games of chess, form is key when it comes to betting odds.

But in chess, form is not only the present scores; it captures everything. Therefore, if a player has another major event like Candidates Tournament or World Championship match scheduled to come up, he may reserve his opening preparation a little bit. Moreover, many games might not be lost by a struggling player for instance but he could play super cautiously thus not yielding much victories but getting high proportion of draws as well.

Look for Miscellaneous Factors

For live chess tournaments, there are a number of factors to consider before making a bet. Europe based players will be jet-lagged and need time to adapt when coming to America for competition. Often physical well-being plays a decisive role in the course of game(s). Some players after several games in a row, where they were defending difficult position without any day of rest may easily feel tired or stressed out.

Online tournaments have their own drawbacks. Some competitors may be playing under unfavorable conditions, in the sense they do so from home, and at odd times. However, some regions and players experience more problems with internet connectivity than others and this should be incorporated into your handicapping process especially for outright markets.

Chess player knocking over opponent's king

Three of the Biggest Upsets in Chess History

Might be puzzled by the idea that in a game of chess, which is an intellectual battle, the best player always wins. That’s not true at all! Beautiful surprises are plenty in chess history. Logically speaking, ratings can tell you something about a player’s form but they do not guarantee that the same player will win every time.

Three of the chess history’s most remarkable upsets are worth our close examination.

Alexander Alekhine v Max Euwe (1935)

This may be the most famous World Chess Championship upset of all time. The match was expected to be an easy win for Alekhine, the defending champion, over Euwe, a lightly regarded Dutch player who many thought couldn’t possibly win the championship. Nevertheless, Euwe was one of the best players in the world and had previously tied 7-7 with Alekhine in a period of ten years before the match even began.

Alekhine had the upper hand early on, leading by a three game margin at one stage. However, Euwe rallied to win 15.5-14.5 and was crowned World Champion. Although some have attributed this victory to Alekhine’s heavy drinking, most later grandmasters and world champions agree that Euwe was simply better than the Russian in that battle.

Garry Kasparov v Joel Lautier (1995)

In the spirit of honoring former world champion Garry Kasparov, French grandmaster Joel Lautier caused an unexpected upset at the ‘95 Euwe Memorial Tournament. In so doing, he took down one of Euwe’s successors himself, a man who probably had only reached his peak in the 1990s.

Lautier came in 150 points behind Kasparov, and had black. However, Lautier on this day blew away one of the greatest players of all time from the board with Paulsen Sicilian he played, which made the World Champion resigned within only 31 moves.

Magnus Carlsen v Alireza Firouzja (2020)

Magnus Carlsen has been one of the most dominant World Chess Champions in history, having held not only the main championship but also the Rapid and Blitz titles. Nevertheless, this didn’t prevent him from losing to 16-year-old prodigy Alireza Firouzja in the online Banter Blitz Cup.

The disparity between Carlsen and Firouzja’s ratings before the game was only 136 points; thus, a single defeat would not be so much significant. In contrast, Carlsen has always been considered as an overwhelming favorite throughout the 16-game contest that he had. That said, this match saw several lead changes and by the time of the last encounter both sides were on level terms with Carlsen. The encounter ended in favor of Firouzja who won (8.5-7.5) in order to emerge the winner of the tournament.

Ready to Bet on Chess Online?

We have already done an analysis of chess bet tips and have gone over the procedure used to select the best bookmakers. Now, it is time that you register with one of our top chess betting websites and place your first ever bet on a chess game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bet on chess?

Yes, there are many online chess betting sites that offer odds on some of the biggest tournaments and matches in the world. You can not only bet on who will win an individual game, but also find odds on outright tournament winners, how many moves will be played, the opening move, and other markets.

Where can I bet on chess games?

Not every online bookmaker offers betting on chess. However, we’ve found several trustworthy and reputable sites where you can bet on chess online. Our team has reviewed each of our recommended chess betting sites to make sure they offer fair odds, great bonuses, and excellent customer service.

What are the most common types of chess bet?

The most common chess bet is a prediction on the match outcome. Typically, you can bet on either player to win an individual game, or predict that it will end in a draw. Many bettors also like betting on the overall winner of a chess tournament or match.

Is chess betting fixed?

Chess betting sites normally only accept bets on the largest, most prestigious events in the chess world. This means that you can trust that the results are legitimate and not subject to match-fixing issues. Our recommended sites are regulated in trusted jurisdictions, so you can rely on them to offer safe and fair betting.
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