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  • Accepts players from all over the world

  • Known for their live betting offers

  • Lots of secure banking options

  • Great bonuses and promotions
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General Information

BetOnline is a relatively new online sportsbook that emerged in 2001 under the name BestLineSports. It moved to Panama four years later and quickly expanded operations making it one of the more massive offshore betting platforms.

The established bookie then purchased BetOnline sportsbook and the domain name of BetOnline.com. This acquisition, coupled with hard work, has turned a smaller sports book into an international juggernaut it is today.

Our experts provide this analysis to give you a clear overview of important features. This analysis does not impact the provider’s overall score, which is based on user ratings.


Apart from having exceptional customer service, they also provide their customers with numerous types of deposit bonuses, reloads and promotions. A good example is BetOnline.com which offers a wide range of unmatched promotions including a 50% matched deposit bonus up to $1000.

Just sign up and deposit at least $25 using the code BOL1000 to get a 50% match bonus on your deposit amount. The maximum bonus you can get is $1000.

Other than a lifetime deposit, reload bonus there are some creative promotings which can return your stake if you lose the bet!

Consider, if a hockey player bets the under on NHL and one of the two teams pays for more than that alone, then the gambler is eligible to receive up to $250.00 in free play bonuses. That said; you can lose and also win at BetOnline!

Another promotion offered is the “Nil-Nil Refund.” This offer allows customers who bet on the over in a soccer game that ends 0-0 to get their stake back as a free play bonus up to a maximum of $250.

There are other promotions too, for casino and horse racing enthusiasts, as well as incentives for those who play in the online poker room. Different sports have various kinds of promos that change from season to season. At BetOnline, gamblers always have an extra reason to cheer!

Betting Options

It is an online bookie that takes players from all over the globe. BetOnline accepts bets on many different sports including parlays, teasers and futures among others.

Props and futures are endless, with props on every nightly NBA game and countless NFL betting lineups. Future bets range from all major sports championship to player awards and even political or entertainment wagers on shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

In addition, live betting is also available; users have been excited about this new version of live betting that the company has come up with. Live betting on selected games in most popular sports such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer.

BetOnline sportsbook lobby is one of the finest among online bettors’ lobbies.

Online bettors can find one of the best sportsbook lobbies at BetOnline. Users can see what categories are available through series of plus and minus buttons on the menu. The page doesn’t reload.

The user can then select to load the page once they select their sport and league, from there, in just a few clicks, any combination of bets can be placed. This system appears to be pretty much bug free and it operates fairly quickly where bets are accurately placed.

Apart from being a full-service sportsbook, BetOnline also offers its users the option of betting through three different avenues; an online poker room, a Vegas-style casino and horse track.

Customer service has received raves from all quarters. They are available 24/7 and their clients can bet online or through the telephone every day of the year. Moreover, there is always live chat for customers; fantastic customer support at BetOnline.

Security and Licensing

Panama’s gambling authority, Panama City, issues licenses to and regulates BetOnline. The company is licensed by the government of Panama which has ensured that it operates legally. On top of that, they have a good standing with their license to operate and in their offices in Panama alone, there are at least 300 Panamanians working for them.

This is a bookmaker highly rated by punters across the web and it has remained faithful to players since inception. The way they handle their clients is respectful and they have always ensured that customers’ money and data are safe.

Professional vs. Recreational Bettors

Since the sportsbook does cater to both heavy and light bettors, it still accepts online wagers involving $1.00 that makes it useful for the latter group owing to this feature along with other options for high maximum bets on several sporting events which are to say a maximum bet of $15,000 on NCAA football and NFL sides max wagers of $25,000.

BetOnline gives the new recreational player bonuses and promotions to start building their bankroll, but at the same time is not afraid to accept high stake wagers.


The website has options for depositing and withdrawing money for almost twelve ways. While there are some methods of transacting that may not be available to any customer basing on the local regulations. For instance, the players from US will have a few alternatives to use since their local law does not favor many financial transaction systems

Most of the time, international gamblers who are willing to bet with European sportsbooks will prefer using reputable e-wallets such as Neteller and Moneybookers. All deposits made through these options are instant without charges. It is advisable for a player to consider this when making a withdrawal as a charge of $20.00 will be deducted from the account before transfer for each and every payment via the two e-wallets with 36 hours being the maximum period for processing any cash out. On top of that, international players have several other alternatives but e-wallets like Neteller remain both faster and more secure in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

US gamblers will not have wallets for electronic payments due to rules, meaning that they must consider other options. The most preferred deposit option is VISA and American Express credit card for US players which probably is the fastest and safest way of making a deposit for Americans.

Other alternatives are Western Union’s person to person transfers or Moneygram, both of which can be funded by cash or credit card and sent to a BetOnline contact who will then deposit it into your account. The final choice is mailing a money order or check to the company that will in turn deposit it into your account.

The best approach is through credit card where it’s fast and safe.

Use a credit card to deposit is the best way, for it is quick and safe. Money orders/checks in person are also good but may take up to one week to complete. All methods of deposit are at no charge as long as the deposit exceeds $300.

The most prevalent withdrawal method for US customers is check by courier, every cheque has a minimum pay-out of $500.00, and a maximum of $2,500. Cheques are received within seven days after being sent and they have rates between $25.00 to $50.00 depending on the time of delivery. Also popular is bank wire transfer; it takes 10 working days for the wire to be processed with deductions of $45 to $75 being made as fees for this kind of transaction. Individual-to-Individual transfers may also be used in withdrawing funds at costs ranging from $34 to $185 based on amount involved

Inter book transfers are another means by which players from all countries can transfer money from one sportsbook to another. They can be sent to and received from a number of different betting platforms out there. This service comes at a cost with an upper limit of $250.00, and the maximum transfer per day being $8,000. Additionally, customers may deduct fifty dollars ($50) off any payment option in their first 30 days as long as it falls on Friday when they make their payout request.


The most popular gambling platforms in America and abroad are BetOnline.

Having been established little more than ten years ago, it has rocked the industry being one of the top bookies across the globe. If you are an American or any other international individual and desire to engage in gaming you should consider joining this sportsbook.


Is BetOnline a legit site?

Of course! BetOnline is licensed in Panama and provides services to players from numerous other countries. Register and join a betting website that was constructed in 2004.

Does BetOnline accept US bettors?

Absolutely! BetOnline, in the US, is a trendy online sportsbook where they accept huge stakes on numerous high-profile American leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

How do I withdraw money from BetOnline?

Withdrawals on BetOnline are possible with credit cards, e-wallets and other popular online banking options, however, not all methods may be available in all countries. The most common US withdrawal method is by cheque.

Does BetOnline offer regular bonuses?

Absolutely. All your frequent reloads and gratis bets are always in the mind of BetOnline. Open an account with BetOnline and take up your welcome bonus.

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