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Unlike other sports, baseball matches are played daily and thus there are no seasons breaks. In case you don’t understand the sport or the betting markets, we can assist. Our guide for baseball gambling helps you on how to bet on baseball and always win.

When you wager with us through our recommended sites, you will get the top rated promotions and best baseball odds.

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Baseball Betting in 2024

Betting on baseball is quite an experience because in many respects, this sport differs from most of the others worldwide.

Speaking about MLB betting, each team in the league plays 162 games over a span of one season. Additionally, baseball does not have any teams which are overwhelmingly dominant like in other sports. A side that wins 70 percent of the time is a fantastic team ever while losing at least a quarter of their games makes the worst baseball team in history.

That indicates you won’t find the types of crazy odds that are available in several other sports. In baseball, lines are usually pretty close on both sides, at least in Major League Baseball (MLB). For instance, a side that is a -200 favorite will probably be a long way superior to its rival but due to the game’s short-term luck factor, the weaker side still has an opportunity.

An extra reason why baseball differs from other forms of sports betting is that the perceived quality of a team can change dramatically from one game to another.

This is because every team has a five-man rotation of starting pitchers who take turns throwing from the mound.

The offence may not be exceptional on any particular night, but should their ace pitcher take to the mound, they can be as hard to beat as anyone else in the league.

If your mind thrives on figures and stats, then baseball betting is a perfect ground to unfold your betting strategy. Numbers rule the roost in this game and, therefore, some gamblers come up with their handicapping formulas based on them though others have simpler ways of choosing their bets.

Official MLB ball

How to Bet on Baseball

A number of ways exist in most betting sites regarding how to get into baseball betting, but without any doubt there are a few markets that stand out. Unlike many American sports where spread betting is the preferred option, the relatively balanced nature of most baseball games makes direct moneyline wagers the most popular types of bets on this sport.

Moneyline Bets

In case you have not heard of it, a moneyline bet is just an outright win betting on the team that wins the game without taking into account the final score. This is an example of a regular moneyline in MLB:

  • Boston Red Sox -170
  • New York Yankees +160

American odds have been used in this case because they are the most widely used odds when it comes to baseball betting. In this particular example, the Red Sox are the favorite with a gambler having to bet $170 to win $100 while placing a $100 bet on Yankees gives a profit of $160 if they win.

Unless the weather suddenly changes and leads to cancellation of matches, a game of baseball will always produce a winner and a loser. This is an apparently unpretentious betting method that calls for accurate analysis of odds rather than looking for just “sure things” (these are hardly ever found in baseball bets).

American odds have been used in this case because they are the most widely used odds when it comes to baseball betting. In this particular example, the Red Sox are the favorite with a gambler having to bet $170 to win $100 while placing a $100 bet on Yankees gives a profit of $160 if they win.

Unless the weather suddenly changes and leads to cancellation of matches, a game of baseball will always produce a winner and a loser. This is an apparently unpretentious betting method that calls for accurate analysis of odds rather than looking for just “sure things” (these are hardly ever found in baseball bets).

Runline Bets

Although straight wagers on which team will win in a baseball game are by far the most popular, MLB wagering presents its own form of the point spread. Such undertaking called runline betting necessitates the favored party must prevail by a specific number of runs to “cover the spread”.

In baseball, it is usually fixed at 1.5 runs, which means that the favorite has to win by two or more runs for a bet on them to be successful; whereas a wager on the underdog would still pay if they lost by a run only. Here is an example:

  • New York Mets -1.5 +110
  • Philadelphia Phillies +1.5 -130

Ensure that you do not only look at the spread but also the odds on every side if contemplating how to bet on a run line market. The spread of 1.5 runs is used almost universally, and bookmakers will adjust the odds accordingly on each side because this spread isn’t always seen as totally fair. In the example above, Mets have been favoured to win the game. But they are just a small underdog when it comes to paying out $110 for each bet amounting to $100 in case they cover until spread is considered

Five Inning Lines

You can place a bet on who will be leading at the end of five innings in a nine-inning game by using 5 inning lines.

The sole determinant for these bets is the final score at the end of the fifth inning. As such, these are similar to halftime bets in football, basketball and NFL betting because whichever side is ahead pays out as the winner.

Note that these bets may be pushed because a game can be tied after five innings.

Totals Bets

One way to bet on NBA games is by making a totals bet (known as an over/under), predicting how many runs will be scored in the game between both teams. It’s usually set up at 6-8, depending on the quality of pitchers and batting lineups in that particular game.

For instance, if the total bet stands at 7.5 runs, an over bet will win if the teams score at least eight runs or more and under bets will pay off in case of seven or less combined runs by both teams.

Baseball Futures

Among the many bets made in relation to baseball, futures are some of the most popular. Most fans and bettors take chances by placing stakes on a team being victorious in their division, league or even probably at the finals. However, these odds may change radically over the course of a season as different teams perform.

Only once the market is closed do these bets settle. As a result, you can place a wager on the eventual winner of Major League Baseball’s World Series during spring training in March and only know who wins the championship in October.

Proposition Bets

These bets are often known as prop bets and they aren’t common as in the case of American football but still bettors prefer them as an alternative to normal baseball betting.

Maybe you can gamble on the amount of home runs a batter will hit in one season, the total number of victories by a pitcher, or who among two players will have the highest batting average.

Features of Top MLB Betting Sites

Our recommendations are only for the most secure gambling platforms approved by national authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). To ensure that they adhere to quality and reliability, scam operators are sieved out.

Batter swinging at ball during baseball game

Understanding and Finding the Best Baseball Betting Odds

The important thing in any game is to find the best odds. This is especially true with regards to baseball betting as everyone pretty much concurs that picking out the correct odds is the secret towards obtaining good bets. In most cases, although not always, the odds will be quite similar on various betting websites. However, this might make a significant difference throughout a season during which punters could potentially place bets on hundreds or thousands of games and thus tiny variations can lead to large differences.

Many gamblers say that dime bets are the benchmark when it comes to Major League Baseball betting. This means that if you compare the payouts for each team and express them in American odds, then this could be termed as a “dime” difference. If the difference is only ten points, it means that this is a dime line. A good example of a game with a dime line would be:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers -150
  • San Francisco Giants +140

Some bookmakers would brag of their dime lines while others will do them on special occasions or promotional basis. Many bookies instead use 20 cent line which is more profitable for the betting sites. For instance, that same game above might appear as follows for a 20-cent line:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers -155
  • San Francisco Giants +135

This will happen to the gamblers who will have a little chance of winning less on both sides; a fine but significant variation which is especially vital in case you have plans of being much involved in baseball betting. Dime lines are usually common throughout the industry, nevertheless, there’s no reason not to avoid them since they always provide gamblers with long-term positive expectation.

If you are betting on MLB contests regularly, we advise that you look for dime lines every time. Remember that in some matches where one team has a higher winning advantage, the spread can be larger between the two sides even if a bookmaker normally offers 10-cent lines.

Baseball on a base

Strategies for Betting on Baseball

When it comes to knowing how to bet on baseball and make a win, you only need one thing. You could say that about any game but for baseball; there is an inexhaustible amount of information concerning every team, each player and stadiums at your disposal for use in terms of betting.

This also means that there is a high likelihood of getting overwhelmed with numbers and statistics leading to paralysis by analysis. However, it’s essential to know some important indicators before wagering on MLB games.

The role of pitchers is one of the most confusing factors for beginners in baseball betting. This position can hugely affect the outcome of a game with great pitchers capable of shutting down even the most intimidating batting order when they are in good form.

The ERA, or Earned Run Average, is the most elementary indicator of a pitcher’s performance because it shows how many runs a pitcher gives up on average over nine innings.

Additionally, it is important to know that the statistics of a pitcher cannot tell how he will play with an opponent. The left and right splits are very essential because naturally, left-handed batters tend to perform better against right-handed pitchers while the right-handed batters will often excel when faced by left-handed pitchers. This implies that even a dominant southpaw may not fare well against a team where there are more than expected number of players who bat from the left side.

When considering totals, it is important to take into account factors that are ballpark. Unlike in many sports where arenas are identical (or almost), baseball stadiums vary by size and the amount of foul territory between the field and the stands. It means therefore that some parks give up more runs than others.

Another thing to consider when placing serious bets on MLB games is the left- or right-handedness of the batters, the types of pitchers and other such dimensions that might exist in a field.

Not only does the weather affect scoring, but if it is blowing inward from the outfield it will also make hitting home runs difficult for batters.

So many gamblers depend on these and other tips for MLB betting to determine the most outstanding wagers while others have their own mechanisms of indicating which teams they should bet on. This is because in baseball the element of surprise is a paramount factor, making the underdog systems highly sought after with gamblers who want to make maximum profit from comparatively low stakes by exploiting better odds offered against weaker teams.

A system that tends to support the underdogs usually bets on teams with odds of +150 or less considering that those games are almost even matches. These systems tend to favor contests between sides from one division, but they never bet against premier MLB pitchers.

Major Baseball Tournaments

Various major competitions and tournaments constitute the baseball seasons. Throughout the regular season, of course, there is betting on baseball games but it is the end-of-year playoff tournaments that really matter; they are what determine champions for various leagues and levels of play.

Below is a summary of the main baseball tournaments.

World Series

The World Series is the biggest prize in baseball, and it is presented annually to the MLB playoffs’ victor. In total, ten teams participate in the postseason with five from each National and American league; then, one team represents each of these leagues in a best-of-seven game World Series final. This means that even though it only has US teams (and one Canadian team), if you win this tournament you are considered world champions.

College World Series

While NCAA baseball may lack the limelight of college basketball or American football, it is still a favorite among gamblers. The betting odds for NCAA baseball are available all season long, but the majority of action takes place during the College World Series, which is held annually in Omaha, Nebraska. In order to reach this point, the two best college teams in America must fight it out and then play a three-game series to decide who will be crowned champions.

Japan Series

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) in Japan is the second most competitive league after Major League Baseball (MLB) outside of the United States. These teams might not be as good as MLB sides but a number of star players in Japan are at least on a par with their equivalents in MLB and some of the best have been able to switch from Japan to the US during their careers. The Central League and Pacific League, the two major leagues in Japan, compete for annual championship playoffs called Japan Series which is a best-of-seven series, played between the two respective league winners.

World Baseball Classic

One thing that has changed over the years is that, unlike in football, international play is not seen as a big deal in baseball. However, in recent times this kind of game has been gaining some ground. The world’s biggest tournament is called World Baseball Classic. It comes once every four years and often features some of the best players from various countries participating for their nations. Two wins by Japan while the Dominican Republic and America have won once each are how things have gone down so far after the first four editions. There are other countries that have also been known to be tough opponents such as Cuba, South Korea, Netherlands and Puerto Rico.

Baseball in pitcher's glove

History of MLB Online Betting

From the 19th century, this has been the history of Major League Baseball. It was a whole different thing for people who engaged in gambling on baseball back then compared to today’s MLB online betting. America’s first baseball league started in 1876 and is therefore recognized as the oldest professional sports league globally.

The American League was founded 25 years after the National League had been formed. The two alliances began their association in 1903, however, it is worth mentioning that Major League Baseball (MLB) started only in 2000.

There are thirty teams in the league. Twenty-nine of them are in the US while one team is found in Canada. It is called “America’s pastime” referring to the game of baseball and now because of its establishment, MLB betting online has become a worldwide hobby through it.

The New York Yankees are by far the most successful team in professional baseball history. The Yankees have won the World Series more times than any other team with 27 titles, their last coming in 2009. Babe Ruth is probably the best known and widely considered greatest player of all time for his years playing baseball. Another iconic figure in baseball would be Micky Mantle among others like Joe DiMaggio as well as contemporary players such as Greg Maddux and Derek Jeter.

Bet on the Latest Baseball Games

After gaining expert knowledge in baseball betting, it is time to hop onto our best rated gambling website and wager for the latest games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a bonus for betting on baseball?

Yes, many baseball betting sites offer bonuses for new players. Check out our recommended bookmakers, who offer a variety of first deposit bonuses and free bets for you to choose from.

Can I use PayPal for MLB betting?

The answer to this question depends on where you are located. For instance, UK users playing at sites regulated by the Gambling Commission will often have PayPal available as a deposit and withdrawal source. However, PayPal does not allow its services to be used for gambling purposes in areas where online wagering is not expressly legal.

Is baseball betting legal?

In most countries, betting on baseball is 100% legal, although local laws and regulations do vary. Even in areas where sports betting may be prohibited, these laws are almost always enforced against groups and individuals taking wagers, not those making individual bets.

How does runline betting work in baseball?

Runline betting is similar to point spread betting in sports like basketball and American football. One team (the favourite) is given a handicap of 1.5 runs, meaning that side must win the game by at least two runs in order for bets on that side to be paid out. Meanwhile, bettors who backed the underdog can win even if their team loses by a single run.

What is a dime line in baseball betting?

A dime line is one that features a spread of only 10 cents between either side of the action when expressed in American odds. In other words, if the favourite is listed at -150, a dime line would put the underdog at +140. Dime lines are often considered the standard by which odds are measured in baseball betting.
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