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Are you not a big sports fanatic but want to make your favorite TV shows more exciting? Well, here is what we have for you; there are numerous different types of entertainment betting markets that you can choose from.

We love sports but novelty bets too. This article will act as an in-depth guide giving examples of the most common markets, where to place your bet and the biggest events.

Best Betting Sites in Entertainment

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What is Entertainment Betting?

Entertainment gambling is a kind of betting that would make you happy and satisfied. Rather than sports wagers, there are markets for reality shows, showbiz occasions as well as televised contests, to mention just a few.

The best online bookmakers for novelty betting offer a wide range of options, from Eurovision betting and politics to weather updates and celebrity gossip, including the Royal Family.

In relation to reality television programs, contests and events, winners can be bet upon for top five and top ten placements. In politics or wagering on the Royal Family, you can select the person who will win the next election or the next monarch. In general, there are probably more entertainment betting markets than what you think.

Betting on entertainment markets, such as politics and TV shows, is legal. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you place your wager through a secure, accredited and well-known betting platform.

Most betting sites are out there, offering false promises. They majorly target beginners with poor rates and bad gifts. However, SBO.net is free from such concerns as it only recommends trusted and legal bookmakers. What’s more, we have listed those with superior entertainment wagering possibilities on this page.

Where to Bet on Entertainment?

Check the banner below to see our best bookmaker for entertainment bets. In addition, there are many other non-conventional markets with high odds and a great welcome bonus for new clients. This site is also safe and secure, while its interface is user-friendly too.

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The Most Popular Entertainment Betting Markets

Predicting who will win the Oscars or whether or not it will be a white Christmas, are among many entertainment betting markets. While these can add an extra layer of fun to your interests, there is also the potential to end up with a small profit if you win.

However, there have been some entertainment markets that have proven more popular than others with bettors. We will highlight the three most popular non-sporting markets in the next section. To help you understand how betting on each of them works, we’ll give you a brief review for each one.

Eurovision Betting

The Eurovision Song Contest is very popular among bettors because it offers a good platform for gambling. The two semi-finals that happen during the week usually discern 10 countries from about 15 participating in each towards the finals.

This is then followed by the ultimate show down, where more than 25 nations are battling for the biggest prize. The grand total of scores is obtained through a combination of public opinion and professionals’ judgment. This has made this competition intriguingly distinct making it difficult for the bookmakers to predict.

This, of course, means that you have the chance to overcome bookmakers. It is not out of place for you to predict the winner by checking current trends in public and expert opinions. In addition, Eurovision offers many other betting markets such as top five, top ten and last position.

TV Show Betting

TV programs, however scripted they are, have opportunities to bet on some outcomes. A few people know about these well-kept secrets before their release into the market. If gambling websites believe that they can make money from accepting wagers, then they will do so.

Not only the bookies makes some money though. You can find yourself ahead, if you are good at betting. Some instances of television betting are on transition actors like who will be the next Doctor Who for instance.

Another thing that could be done is placing bets on the popular television shows of all time. Prior to the end of Game of Thrones, there were sites which allowed people to place bets on who would rule Westeros in the end. Also, some other types of TV series such as dramas that involve melodrama characters are suitable for betting online.

Reality Show Betting

Betting is best done through reality TV. These shows are mostly won by public voting. It is almost impossible to tell who will be the victors in these competitions beforehand. For instance, bookmakers usually offer higher odds than they would for other types of entertainment.

Some of the reality shows that can be bet on to make money include X Factor, Big Brother and Love Island. These type of shows have weekly eliminations, which is an opportunity for the gamblers to place their bets. It’s not like in case of Oscars or Eurovision whereby one has to await a single occurrence in order to risk their stake.

If you wanted to beat the bookmakers in realty shows betting, there are many avenues that can be pursued. Online fan forums abound, rife with gossipy columns and social media accounts too. This can give you a feel of what the public thinks so that you can settle for who will most likely be eliminated next.

Other Popular Entertainment Betting Markets

But it is not the only thing you can get among these three types. There are still many alternative betting opportunities in the area of gambling entertainment.

These are the rest of the most popular entertainment markets provided by bookies. In reality, if there exists a possibility to bet on something then in all likelihood there will be a site where odds exist for it.

Awards Ceremonies

Betting on awards ceremonies is an exciting option particularly the major ones like Oscars, Golden Globe and BAFTAs. In case you want something a little bit more classy and sophisticated, you can also try betting on those who will win Nobel Prize in their respective fields.

Many of these accolades should be treated like scripted television shows; they are predetermined. Predictions can start to affect odds, even if only a few people know the outcome early enough. Therefore, this might sometimes cause award ceremonies’ betting limits to go very low.

However, there are some award ceremonies that are safe from this spoiling of the bets by rumours and other kind of news leakage. The People’s Choice Awards, for instance, is voted 100% by the public and tallied live during the show. This makes it resemble betting on reality shows.

Politics and Elections

Politics is a world of some indispensable bets; anything can happen. In politics, people bet most on elections that are closely contested. To illustrate, the Trump vs Hillary result in 2016 was a major upset for which sportsbooks took losses.

Politics betting is not just about elections though; it can involve future bets on the biggest odds. For example, placing wagers on who will become the US president or UK prime minister one or two years in advance.

Even politics betting does not have to be about politicians in particular. For instance, you can place a bet on other issues like the next state to leave EU, or whether North Korea will unite with South Korea by 2030.

The Weather

The weather is a subject of conversation almost everywhere in the world on a daily basis. Despite its predictability, it cannot be forecasted with one hundred percent accuracy even by specialists. The bookies once more are left free to entertain us like this.

Most gamblers prefer to bet on top weather events of the year like hottest and coldest days of the year which are very popular markets as well as snow on Christmas Day. Nonetheless, other bookmakers still offer betting opportunities for landmarks such as lakes and rivers freezing over.

Sportsbooks still exist that take a long-term view of weather betting. Over/under markets on the likes of average temperature or rainfall over the year are now available. There are even weather versions of correct scores, with operators taking bets on the exact temperature on a given day.

Box Office Movies

If you are a big fan of blockbusters, you will be glad to know that there is another exciting betting opportunity presented by box office movies. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that one can wager on the actual occurrences in the movie. Many times, film scripts are leaked way before they come out. Nonetheless, there are more markets for betting than you would imagine.

Generally speaking, gambling sites analyze box office returns rather than the quality of the actual film. The most frequent market is predicting the highest earning movie for that year, but you can also wager on if X will do better than Y. Oscars betting also falls into this category too.

At times, there are opportunities to wager on events within the film itself. This is seen in Doctor Who too, with many bookmakers offering odds on who will be the next James Bond.

The Royal Family

The British royal family makes headlines all over the world, whether you like or don’t. Also, their numerous market options are an unexpected surprise. “Who will be next monarch?” is the simplest bet to place on as it’s a form of succession but that does not give you good odds.

But you may also have a look at markets such as the future queen’s next pregnancy and her future child’s name. Additionally, you can place wagers on when the baby will be born. If you opt for an exact day, the odds are more substantial while if you pick a week or a range of days they go down.

A great time to place bets on the British Royal Family is during such occasions as these. For instance, you can wager on which individuals will be there and even predict the color of attire that they will wear among a myriad of other things.


Celebrities’ lives are like the Royal Family’s: they’re played right out in public, which means that there are always wagers. On almost all casino websites, two possible bets include either the next renowned pair to be married or divorced.

Moreover, there are betting markets on who could be the next celebrity to end up in custody or to be released from jail. While it might seem a bit morbid for some, one can place bets on who will pass away first this year, or the following celebrity death.

You can take a step to the left and start considering what the ultra-wealthy would be up to in coming days. For instance, there is always a debate on which firm Elon Musk will buy next. Also, it is even possible to place bets on the next celebrity who will be canceled or removed from social media.

Current Affairs

This kind of thing has some ties to political betting, which can also be argued for the same category. However, this fishing net is thrown too far and wide in current affairs than that. For example, there are always bookies taking bets on the next “person to be named Times Person of the Year”.

Also, large events in the world do fall under the current affairs umbrella such as bookies taking bets on where and when they are going to happen. Are you able to bet on which country will host the next climate summit? Can you also bet on politicians and celebrities who will attend it?

Once again, some pretty distasteful bets were made here in the past, with odds being laid on high profile court trials. The first bet on current affairs was made in 1964 when a man staked £10 that by 1970 a human would walk on another planet.

Special Sports Bets

Some entertainment forms of gambling continue to be tied with sport, however, these are not the things that happen in a field. For example, odds for awards ceremonies like Sports Personality of the Year and Ballon d’Or can be found on many websites.

Furthermore, you can further view the whole circus surrounding sports events themselves and their hosts. For example, bookmakers always give odds on who will host the upcoming FIFA World Cup or Summer Olympics. Besides, novelty bets about opening ceremonies are very usual for such games.

In regards to sports, the bookies have another thing they focus on, ownership. Premier league clubs and NFL franchises are changed hands every now and then. This has led to a lot of people betting on what club will be sold next or who would be the next owner of Manchester United.

How to Start Entertainment Betting

To get started on betting in entertainment markets, you must first open an online bookmaker account. We’ve made this process super quick and simple, and we’ll walk you through it step by step right now.

Step 1

Find a Trusted Online Bookie

The very first thing to do is look for a genuine and well established online betting site here in SBO.net. For your perfect bookmaker, see our operator reviews.

Step 2

Create Your Account

Once you get your perfect gaming betting site, you would be required to sign up through their app or website. Generally, the registration form should only need some minutes to fill out.

Step 3


You can verify and open your account completely by using this link which is sent to you through your email address. You will also have to furnish identification and a bill with your name on it before you can withdraw any money at a future date.

Step 4

Make Your First Deposit

Your account is now open and verified, so you can make an initial deposit and claim a welcome bonus that will give you a head start. For the most part, you have a range of payment options for bookmakers on the internet.

Step 5

Start Entertainment Betting

That’s it, you can now find your ideal entertainment markets and deposit money for betting. If you are fortunate, you might end up winning and have some profits to withdraw.

To make it even easier, our professionals have advised you to take a look at this best online gambling site. Click on the banner below to sign up now and claim their fabulous welcome offer today.

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Odds and Payouts on Novelty and Special Bets

The odds and returns that one would receive in entertainment betting will differ. This is dependent on a few things. In cases where you are gambling on awards or TV show outcomes that are predetermined, the odds might be OK but the bets and payouts will be restricted. In some situations, however, betting may be suspended if there is a leak.

However, there are many other unusual betting markets with long-odds and possibly good payoffs. Hence, for instance, if one is able to pick a surprising champion of a reality TV show decided upon by voting public; therefore yourself may be the winner of quite a reasonable amount.

In a general note, entertainment bets must be as equitable and upright with their odds as sports wagers. Nevertheless, it is evident that the bet and payout amounts are restricted when compared to those of sports. This is largely because novelty betting attracts less money than sport wagering.

Entertainment Betting Markets Explained

All the popular types of novelty events that you can bet on have been discussed. But, let us now distinguish the real entertainment betting markets available within each category.

Outright Winner

This is a basic betting market whereby all one has to do is choose the victor of an award ceremony or event. Ordinarily, odds are longest if the event is very far away.

Place Betting

When no winner is to be picked, or in case the favourite is obvious yet the odds are too small, place bets come in handy. These include betting on 2nd and 3rd place finishers or even the top five finishers/champions.

Each-Way Bets

An each-way bet is a combination of two different wagers, one for the winner and another for a place. For instance, if you were to put £10 on Sweden winning Eurovision, £5 of that would be wagered on them winning outright and another £5 would be placed on them getting a place finish.


Multiple entertainment bets are combined into one wager called an accumulator. For your accumulator bet to win, all of your selections need to be right. If you get even just one of them wrong, then your whole bet loses.


This kind of bet entails choosing two participants to win and come second. In order for you to win a bet, both your choices must simply finish in topmost two positions. You don’t have to pick the right order.

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How We Choose the Top Entertainment Betting Sites

We have previously urged you to try our best recommended bookmakers for entertainment betting at SBO.net. We therefore thought it wise that before then, we furnish you with a bit of information about the major categories considered by our experts when reviewing bookmakers.

Wide Choice of Non-Sports Markets

The operator must have a wide range of betting markets for entertainment in this case because it is mostly important. Some bookies will have a couple of novelty markets at least, but we want only those that are distinctly focused on these.

Additionally, there is also a need to ensure that there are markets for each category. Sites we want to find should not only take bets on the outright winners and places.

Competitive Odds

It is worth mentioning that a multiple of the necessary marketplaces is very good. However, this only becomes worthless if the odds provided are short and lack any actual value. This is why it is vital to compare bookmakers’ odds.

Also, we always check how the odds shift, and whether they are being changed to match other developments in the market. At times, there is more value with sportsbooks that adjust late here.

Welcome Bonuses

A good bonus for a welcome can give you the best start out when using a certain betting site. Although all advertisements offer splendid deals, we always examine the T&Cs to establish that they are really what they purport to be. We then take the initiative of trying it ourselves to see how it works in practical life.

Certainly, it is also necessary to ascertain that the new customer promotion applies to entertainment betting. This offer of a welcome free bet is not going to be helpful if novelty and entertainment markets are not included in its utilization.

Ready to Bet on Entertainment and Novelty Markets?

We are now coming to the end of our exhaustive guide to bizarre and novelty betting. You must by now be armed with all the information and tools you need to get started in the markets. Your next move will be to open an account with our best recommended bookmaker and start putting your non-sport bets today.


What is novelty betting?

Novelty betting is a kind of gambling that involves placing bets on matters related to entertainment as opposed to sports. For instance, you can put your money on the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest or who will be the next James Bond.

Where can I bet on entertainment?

Numerous bookmakers have entertainment bets for you. However, there are some betting sites that are better than others because they only offer a few options. We recommend using the best-rated entertainment bookmakers provided on BetByGeo.com for an ultimate experience.

Can you bet on things other than sports?

Definitely, apart from sports, there are so many other things that you can bet on. This could include reality TV awards ceremonies, politics as well as current affairs and all of them are areas which bookmakers will entertain bets upon. If you want to go really niche in your betting, you may even be able to place a wager on what the next royal baby will be called.

Can I bet on TV shows?

TV show betting is more widespread and favored than most people realize. Online gambling allows for a competitive reality TV where people vote out their contenders each week leading to an ultimate winner. Furthermore, one can even place bets on scripted television series such as the next actor who will play the role of Dr. Who.

Can you bet on movies?

Movies determine which bets are accepted by many gambling platforms. However, don’t expect to put your money on what will happen in the movie. Among other options, you may also bet on such things like the highest grossing film of the year or find out which Marvel sequel is coming up next.

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