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Greyhound racing betting sites covering thousands of races in the UK every year abound, thus providing plentiful opportunities for dog race benefit-making.

If you’re keen on greyhound betting, our guide is everything you’ll need to start. We are here to help you win on dogs with our best greyhound racing betting sites and information for beginners and seasoned handicappers alike.

Best Betting Sites in Greyhound

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Features of the Best Greyhound Betting Sites

There are a lot of things that we take into consideration when looking at different greyhound betting websites. For example, we consider stuff like licensing and brand reputation, as well as other intricacies such as banking methods and customer support services.

However, we look at three major characteristics when we compile our list of the top greyhound betting sites for UK bettors: greyhound betting deals, virtual dog racing and live broadcast.

Why we need to review greyhound betting sites and why these factors play crucial roles in that.

Please select icon Greyhound Betting Offers

It is our wish for you to maximize your gain when you deposit funds into a betting site, and this is why we opt for sites that come with free bets as well as attractive bonuses. All of the UK dog racing bookmakers we suggest have generous promotions that range from free bet offers and money back guarantees to new customer deposit bonuses and loyalty schemes for existing customers.

Please select icon Virtual Greyhound Racing

Don’t have a race to bet on? Virtual greyhound racing offers an alternative to traditional races by allowing you to bet on simulated action anytime you like. These simulated races are also perfect for gamblers who may not be too enthusiastic about actual dog racing, but who still love the idea of a day at the track. We look for sites that offer the most advanced and enjoyable virtual greyhound betting platforms possible.

Please select icon Live Streaming

Watching greyhounds run in real time is more entertaining than betting on dog races. Therefore, we prefer websites that provide live streaming of races from major tracks. Normally, our top sites stream UK and Irish tracks more often, but others extend this to other global locations like Australia.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing Online

Greyhound racing is simple to bet on in the UK, as there are just a few things you have to do before putting your stake on your maiden race.

Now, I am going to give you a brief guide on how you can place your first bet on a greyhound race.

Step 1

Make a comparison of the bookmakers who provide bets on greyhound racing from this page to choose the right one. Once you click on any link found here, it will direct you to your preferred site where you will begin signing up.

Step 2

To create an account, enter your personal details such as; name, address, date of birth and email. In addition to that, you will also provide a unique username together with password so that you can access the website.

Step 3

To put money towards greyhounds, you must deposit into your account. Go to the cashier section, choose a banking method you prefer and follow the instructions on the screen to deposit for the first time. For placing bets on greyhounds, an account should be funded. To cashiers’ menu go, opt for any bank method that suits your needs and proceed with step-by-step explanations on how to credit your account for the first time. One required a customer account in order to gamble on greyhounds. Visit the cashier’s page, select a payment option that is ideal for you and then just follow some few prompts on how to make your initial contribution. When one wants to stake on dogs he has got to add funds into his/her betting account. Just navigate through cashiers’ page; pick out suitable banking means and simply adhere to all points given by doing so as being presented online when making initial deposits.

Step 4

Its time to decide on which race to place a bet on. Go to the greyhound area where you can find daily and future races. Pick the dog or dogs you would like to support, then select the type of bet you want to make.

Step 5

Type in the bet amount to view the possible returns. If satisfied, confirm by clicking on the appropriate icon and your bet will be placed.

Greyhound Betting Markets Explained

The many options involved in greyhound racing is one of the major draws for people who engage in this practice. It is difficult to conceive how a person may bet on which dog he or she thinks will emerge victorious during a race. Nonetheless, that’s just one item on the list of markets open for betting.

Below are some of the major wagers that you should be familiar with prior to beginning.


This is a gamble where you predict the winning dog in a race. The bet is paid if your greyhound wins. Any other outcome means losing your wager.


If you choose to place a bet on your dog in either first or second place, you will earn some money if it wins. If it ends up lower than third, then that means you have lost the gamble.

If your greyhound wins, you are not eligible for a bonus: this means that whether the dog finishes first, second or third it will still earn the same amount.


If you place a show bet and your greyhound finishes in the top three, you will receive a payout. Fourth place or anything below it means that you are going to lose the bet. You’ll win the same amount of money whether your dog lands at first, second or third position again.

Display bets pay therefore out at rates that are lower than which is paid on by place bets, while the latter is lesser compared to win bets. Before a race, such odds might be seen on a dog:

  • Win: 37/10
  • Place: 7/5
  • Show: 4/5

If £10 win bet is made and the dog finishes first, then you will get £47. When we take race dog to be a case in question, if one had placed a bet of £10 to show the same first place finish would only pay £18. On the other hand, with a show bet, there is the added advantage that it also pays more than simply showing when down to second or third place as well.

Across the Board

Betting across the board implies that you are making separate win, place, and show wagers on the same greyhound. Each bet will be paid out individually such that if your dog comes in first, then you will win all three bets.

Pick 3

In the Pick 3, a bet that goes through three consecutive races, you have to choose all the three winning dogs correctly in order to win. You can pick multiple dogs per race but have to pay for each combination separately.

To illustrate, if you opt to play £1 Pick 3, betting on two greyhounds in each race will cost you £8 overall (2x2x2). If one of your combinations wins the payouts can be big, especially when there are a few longshot dogs among your winners.

Pick 6

To win the Pick 6, you need to be accurate in your predictions of the results of six dog races consecutively. Similar to the Pick 3, several horses can be chosen for each race if desired but at a considerable price: picking only two dogs per race at 1 pound apiece for each combination costs £64.

On the other hand, if one is able to predict correctly all six winners then he/she can earn a lot of money. At times, a Pick 6 winner might bring back at least tens of thousands pounds or even more.

Straight Forecast

A straight forecast involves picking the winner and second-place finisher correctly. To win, you must select two dogs who will come first and second in the correct order. Any other combination including getting the right dogs but in reverse order will lead to a lost bet.

Reverse Forecast

This time, a reverse forecast wants you to select which greyhounds will be first and second in a particular race. However, it doesn’t matter although the order within which your two pets come, the reverse forecast will always pay out as long as they hold the two top places.

In turn, reverse predictions are compensated at less likely odds than direct forecasts.

Lucky 15

Four different bets on four separate dogs are required in a Lucky 15 bet which is usually made of different races. A straight bet will be placed on each of the four greyhound, all six possible two-bet accumulators, all four three-bet accumulators and a single fourfold accumulator thus amounting to fifteen bets.

If you choose correctly, a Lucky 15 wager might reward you handsomely with three or four winners. If one of your dogs wins, most greyhound racing betting sites will still offer a bonus to lessen the blow.


It is similar to Lucky 15 in that you will pick four dogs on whom to bet your money, but it does away with the four singles bets. It therefore has a total of eleven bets: six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator.

It reduces the cost of placing these bets, but still allows one to win large sums if at least three of your dogs come in.


An even/odd bet allows you to cover half the track with only one bet. By selecting odd, you wager on all dogs that start in odd number boxes. Conversely, by betting even, you get all the dogs that are in the even numbered shoots.


The inside/outside bet will once again present itself in a manner that allows for the placing of bets on most parts of the field at one time. Drawing an imaginary line across the track, one can make two bets – on numbers lower than that line or greater than that line.

Greyhound running around a bend

Greyhound Betting Strategy That Works

The answer is no sure thing when it comes to betting on greyhound races. These aspects include pace over the first few seconds and the dog’s ability to be in the front at that time, according to punters who bet on dog racing in Britain. Nevertheless, even the fasted dogs can encounter problems or fail to meet expectations. A number of them have been disrupted by failures like being sent out as short-priced favourites but getting baulked at the 1st bend; they were not able to adjust with weather conditions and so on.

It is not possible to find a secret formula that will help one bet on the winning dog in every race. However, there are betting approaches for greyhound racing that can help you get more winnings and smaller losses.

You will now find information on how to make profit in the greyhound racing by locating value bets, hedging your bets and arbing.

Find Value Bets

Making as many correct choices as you can is not the aim in dog racing. Instead, you should look for opportunities to bet on dogs at attractive prices or those that are undervalued by bookmakers.

For example, there could be instances when you might find it hard to bet on a horse you think has only a 20% chance of winning the race. However, if one of the top online greyhound betting sites was offering odds of 10/1 on this dog winning, then it would be an absolutely great bet. Even if this time you lose, finding out such value bets will help you to make a profit in the end.

Hedge Your Bets

Minimizing prospective losses and protecting a starting stake is an effective method to hedge your bets.

An example is when you gamble £10 on the ante-post favourite for the English Greyhound Derby to win at odds of 12/1. Although your dog reaches the final, it doesn’t win as effortlessly predicted. Your pick is made by oddsmakers as the third favorite, with two other finalists more likely to win.

If you feel like your pick might not win, you can hedge your bet by putting money on the two favorites with shorter odds to win in the last round. To follow this strategy of betting greyhounds correctly, ensure that you stake an amount that guarantees you don’t lose any money should any of the three hounds win the race.

Obviously, there is no certainty that any of the other dogs in the race could not spoil the party. In such a case, you would lose both your original investment and the amount you placed on each of the two remaining dogs.

Arbitrage Betting

The idea of this greyhound betting system is to ensure profit whatever the outcome. To make it happen, a betting exchange and enough money are required for the placement of a lay bet that will guarantee some profit.

To understand the way arbitrage betting works, let’s step back to our earlier example. We have bet £10 on the ante-post favorite winning the English Greyhound Derby at 14/1 odds. This time around, the dog wins its heat in dominant style and remains the hot favourite for the final.

Instead of keeping your fingers crossed and hoping the dog wins with the other finalists for a £150 return, you can place a lay bet which will ensure that you make money even if the dog comes last.

Assuming that the dog is now available to lay at even money, you could place a £75 laying bet and guarantee yourself a return of £150 no matter what happens. You have made a total of £85 worth of bets at this point (initial £10 bet + £75 lay bet), securing for yourself a gain of £65.

Greyhounds sprinting during a race

Greyhound Betting Tips to Help You Win

Anyone can take part in greyhound racing but to become a profitable punter it needs skills and experience. Even for beginners, you can learn several strategies and concepts that will enable you to bet smarter.

The following are our best suggestions for betting on greyhounds which will help you take control of the situation.

Always Research Form

This is a rule all great gamblers follow, be they gambling on horses or dogs and it’s important to know that how each of the greyhounds has performed in its last races will be the biggest clue of what you can expect from it today.

You want to see where they ended up in their races, but not just this alone. Always put in your mind the level of competition they faced because it may that your dog may have been thrashing less capable rivals or coming closely behind high quality greyhounds.

Consider the Distance

Different dogs perform differently at different distances. Make sure that your dog has won similar races before you bet on it. For instance, one may look at a race card and see that one greyhound has finished in the money in four of its last five starts, not realizing those were sprints. The highlight above does not mean that Bettedog can run 600 meters for twenty-three seconds without petering out half-way through the distance.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Betting on dog races online has one of the greatest advantages, which is that the betting sites will always offer players free bets and bonuses from time to time. Utilizing such promotions can greatly assist in boosting your winnings. This practice is particularly fruitful when gamblers register with a new UK bookmaker because they provide substantial bonus payouts towards their clients as they try to build their profiles within the industry.

Check the Weather Forecast

Weather can level the playing field in a greyhound race. Certain dogs like it dry, others prefer wet conditions. On a rainy day, knowing how dogs run in mud could be a huge advantage. In general, both bigger breeds and those running from outside traps stall wagers on mucky track surfaces.

Front view of six greyhounds during a race

Bet on Major Greyhound Racing Events

Throughout the year, major greyhound meets are held in different tracks around the world. These are available for betting at leading greyhound gambling platforms whether these races happen in the UK, Ireland or Australia.

Here is a quick look at some of the biggest events in greyhound racing.

English Greyhound Derby

The largest and most important race in British dog racing is the English Greyhound Derby. Since its inauguration in 1927, the White City Stadium has been hosting this race, but the host venue has changed a great deal over time. In 2019, Nottingham Greyhound Stadium became the new home of the prestigious event. Although there have been slight alterations to it with time, currently, the English Greyhound Derby is a 500-meter race.

Scottish Greyhound Derby

Like its English equivalent, the Scottish Greyhound Derby has a similar history. Initially held at Carntyne Stadium between 1928 and 1968, it was shifted to several other venues and is now hosted by Shawfield Stadium. At 480 meters, this race is a bit shorter than the English Greyhound Derby.

Irish Greyhound Derby

One of the strongest dog racing competitions in Ireland is the Irish Greyhound Derby. Ever since 1970, Shelbourne Park has been the venue for this race that first took place in 1928. Over a distance of 550 yards, it is among the major races of the year, arguably at par with English Greyhound Derby.

TAB Topgun

TAB Topgun races are some of the best in Australia. For more than two decades now starting from 1993, Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association has only selected the finest dogs in Australia for prestigious Group 1 Topgun races at The Meadows. This includes TAB Topgun over 525 metres and another one called Topgun Stayers-endurance race covering a distance of 725 meters.

East Anglian Derby

Every year since 1975 the East Anglian Derby has taken place at Yarmouth Stadium. The race is run over a relatively short distance of 462m and currently carries a prize fund of £15,000 for the winner. Consequently, this has attracted some top class competition to Yarmouth on an annual basis, which makes it one of the leading races in the greyhound racing calendar in the UK.

Select Stakes

Before now, Nottingham Greyhound Stadium had been known to hold a very prestigious event called Select Stakes which is a 500 meter race whose traditional venue had always been Wembley Stadium from the year 1952 to 1996. It is an invitation only event that attracts top class runners each year by giving £7,500 to the winner. Another big race on the Irish calendar is also known as the Select Stakes which takes place at Kilcohan Park in Waterford.

Bet on the Latest Greyhound Races

You can bet on all the major greyhound races going on around the world, from English Greyhound Derby to Irish Greyhound Derby, Select Stakes and TAB Topgun through any of our recommended bookmakers. Place bets on dog racing now, sign up to compare the latest odds.

Greyhound Betting FAQs

Where can I bet on greyhounds online?

You can bet on dog racing at any of our recommended greyhound betting sites. Each of these bookmakers are proven to be safe and reliable. These sites also offer bonuses and promotions for new greyhound punters.

What is the best way to bet on greyhounds?

There are many popular ways to enjoy greyhound betting. You can bet on individual dogs, or try exotic bets that stretch over multiple races with potentially massive payouts. The best way to enjoy any of these options is by opening an account at one of the best greyhound betting sites, where you can place your bets from your computer or mobile device.

How often do greyhound favourites win?

The rule of thumb is that favourites win about 30% of the time in greyhound racing. However, that doesn’t mean that every favourite has that chance of winning. If there is one dominant dog in a race, it may be close to certain to finish first. On the other hand, a race with several runners that rate as co-favourites could be wide open, with no dog having a clear advantage even with careful handicapping.

Can you make money betting on greyhounds?

Greyhound betting is a skill-based activity, which means that it is possible to make money by betting on dog races. Becoming a profitable punter takes time and effort, with extensive research required to understand which greyhounds provide value in each race and how to best exploit your opportunities. There’s always a little luck involved, too: even the best dogs have bad days at the track.
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