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Looking for a tennis bookmaker that meets your requirements can be quite challenging if you are aware of the distinction between forehand and backhand. No need to worry though, we have researched the internet for you and compiled a comprehensive list of the finest tennis betting sites.

These recommended sites provide an extensive range of betting markets for earning profits from racket games, whether you prefer to stake on any of the four Grand Slams or bet who will win a smaller tournament.

Best Betting Sites in Tennis

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Reasons to Join Our Top Tennis Betting Sites

Just about every internet based betting site has tennis odds these days, but what sets our recommended sites apart from the rest? In short, we evaluate and rank the top tennis betting websites based on numerous factors. Some of these factors are:

Tennis Betting Odds

Why risk the bet on Nadal who has odds of 1.15 when you can simply get 1.20 from elsewhere? While it might not be a great deal for one single bet, this is a significant sum that you would have left on the table in the long run. This page features only bookmakers that are most favorable as per tennis betting lines and odds. For optimum returns, always use these platforms and enjoy top ratings at any tennis gambling event.

Tournament Coverage

January through December is a very busy calendar for tennis players since there are numerous professional tennis tournaments in the course of the time. Consequently, this provides many gambling occasions; however, it is essential to see to it that you join a bookmaker who covers all ATP, WTA and ITF events rather than just Grand Slams. Furthermore, else we search for bookmakers covering the ATP Challenger Tour which acts as a stepping stone towards the ATP Tour.

In-Play Betting Markets

Live betting is provided by various bookmakers. In-play markets include who will score the next point and the correct score of the current game or set. A live streaming service is available on most top betting sites. Therefore, you can stream games from multiple courts and exploit a shift in momentum by placing bets at the updated prices.

View from seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium during US Open

What Are the Most Popular Tennis Betting Markets?

Tennis betting is varied at the top bookmakers, but most people are interested in predicting winners. On the other hand, you can opt for the sets and games played, tiebreaks, outright tournament winner among a myriad of other options under tennis.

Let’s examine six of the most famous tennis markets that customers like to bet on.

Tournament Winner

For those who are fond of long shots, you might try to estimate the player that will carry away a tournament. Internet betting sites usually publish the prices for most major tournaments several weeks before the start of play and update them after each round as the competition unfolds. In this way, you can place your bet prior to the beginning of a tournament or after a player has participated in one match so as to be sure that they are ready for action.

The player who you bet on earlier, the better odds to be locked in. As an example, let’s say a wager is placed on Rafael Nadal for a victory in French Open at 1.80 odd before commencement of the event. In case he sails through first four rounds without losing a single set, his odds may drop down to 1.40 by bookmakers. Just right now placing a bet on Nadal would cost half as much as it did when the event began.

Match Winner

Betting on the match winner is a simple win-or-lose bet and it’s a matter of whether Player A will win or will it be Player B. For example, one of our recommended tennis betting sites might have odds of 1.90 that Novak Djokovic would defeat Andy Murray. If you placed £100 on Djokovic to win, you would get back £190 (£90 winnings plus your £100 stake). You lose when Murray prevails.

Among tennis fans, naturally match winner is a well-liked in-play betting market. Therefore it’s feasible to back both players at odds-against and secure a profit irrespective of who wins. Let us suggest that Djokovic loses the first two games and his odds drift out. Thereafter, you will bet on him to win the match at 3.00. He regains his composure and wins the first set. You could then back Murray at 4.00 and guarantee a profit.

Handicap Betting

Early stages of tennis tournaments are renowned for having unbalanced matches. Just picture Rafael Nadal being matched up with a qualifier in the first round of Roland Garros. Bet makers have been known to set odds of 1.02 on Nadal winning a match on clay. Is £100 worth risking to win only £2? We doubt it. This is however where one could get good odds by betting that Nadal will win any match at all, even against top players fencing their way to victory.

Each competitor must be given a handicap that affects his or her final score. For instance, Nadal might begin the game with a -6.5 handicap. It implies that in order for the handicap bet to win, the Spaniard must win by seven games or more. If his opponent were to lose by less than six games, then the wager is lost. This method can be used to enhance the odds of favorites winning or help win wagers on outsiders even if they lose matches

Set Betting

Tennis fans can predict the set-based accurate score through the finest betting websites. This is quite well-liked as compared to wagering on favorites in match-winner or handicap gambling markets. By putting a stake on a player who will win in straight sets, one can sometimes get great odds for those bets. A 2-0 win in a best of three match and 3-0 win in a best of five match are examples.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the contest reaches its climax? In this case, a possible wager one can make is for a 3-2 correct score. However, this presents some problem as you have to choose who will win 3-2 unless you support both players winning by that score line. Otherwise, it is also possible to bet over/under sets. The benefit of this tennis bet is that you may stay sort of noncommittal through wanting either contestant to win easily or play a long drawn-out match.

Total Games

Rather than trying to predict how many sets will be played or the correct score in terms of sets, why not bet on total games? What are the best tennis betting websites that offer a wide range of markets for both the pre-game and live games in relation to the total number of games? Ahead of each match, their sports bet analysts scrutinize the stats and try to anticipate how long matches should last using this as a basis for setting odds.

Imagine that Roger Federer has been matched against a qualifier at Wimbledon. Federer is expected to win in three sets, which means bookmakers could put the over/under line for total games at 26.5. If you bet on over 26.5 games, you would want the qualifier to push Federer and win about nine games from them throughout the match. On the other hand, betting under 26.5 would mean that you’re predicting Federer will easily triumph over an easy opponent in this game.

Tie Break

An extra bet that draws many gamblers is whether there will be a tiebreak in the match or set. For example, considering a match between John Isner and Ivo Karlovic, betting odds overwhelmingly point out a tiebreak in every set not the game per se. Arguably, they are some of the best servers ever, hence bookmakers anticipate each player to hold serve with sets going to a tiebreak.

If any of them manage to break the other, then the in-play betting odds would swing in favour of no tie-breaker in the ongoing set. Both players are not known for breaking serve so the player who broke his opponent would be supposed to move on with serving and win the game. On top of that, you could also make money from tennis by wagering against a tiebreak – a bet that would only be advisable when there is an obvious difference in quality between opponents.

Bet on the Four Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments

As you now know how to make bets on tennis online, let’s talk about the most significant events in this sport.

Just like golf, tennis has four major tournaments such as Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US open; these grand slams are unique in the sense that all other tennis tournaments consist of best of three set matches The longer format limits the number of shock wins and also there is no player who wants to give up easily making it easier for gamblers like us to make money from betting on tennis.

Australian Open

The Australian Open, which is the first Grand Slam tournament each year on the tennis calendar, holds in the last two weeks of January. Since 1988 matches have been played on hard courts where top players demonstrate excellent skills in three main arenas that include Rod Laver Arena, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena.

The websites of tennis betting always rate the people like Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem who are good at dealing with hard courts as the ones that are most likely to win before the event even starts. Eight times, Djokovic has won the most number of men’s single titles, including three consecutive titles from 2011 through 2013. In the 1960s and 1970s, Margaret Court was a powerhouse in women’s singles with eleven Grand Slam titles to her name, which is why an indoor stadium was named after her.

French Open

The French Open takes place at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France for two weeks starting from the end of May each year. The second of four Grand Slam tournaments is played on clay. To avoid delay of important matches by rain, a retractable roof was erected on the famous Philippe-Chatrier court in 2020.

The price of tennis betting sites often see Nadal as a favorite in the French Open. This is due to its slow surface, which requires matches to be played over five sets and seven wins are needed to win the title making it the most demanding tennis tournament worldwide. By 2020, Rafael Nadal had won this event 13 times which include an amazing record of five successive victories between 2010 and 2014.


Wimbledon is known for its strawberries and cream, as well as the strict all-white dress code for players, and it is the only Grand Slam event that continues to be played on grass courts. It is considered by many to be the most important tennis tournament in existence, and it holds this distinction largely because of its long history. The competition commences every year towards the beginning of July for a fortnight.

One must know that Centre Court at Wimbledon is known for its retractable roof when placing bets on tennis. This cuts out time lost to inclement weather and matches being called off. Roger Federer has won the most men’s singles titles, triumphing 8 times, while Martina Navratilova (a Czechoslovak-born American) holds the record for the most women’s singles titles by a woman with nine championships.

US Open

The US Open is the fourth Grand Slam event of the year and it usually commences on the final Monday of August every year. It goes on for a fortnight. All matches in the tournament are played in New York City, specifically at Flushing Meadows, on hard courts similar to those utilized during the Australian Open.

In the open era, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer have been most successful in the event in terms of men’s singles titles won, having each won five. However, Richard Sears, William Larned and Bill Tilden all won seven titles each before 1968. Among women who have played the game during the open era, Serena Williams and Chris Evert are both six-time winners. Yet with eight female single championships to her name it is Molla Mallory who leads them all.

Close-up of female tennis player preparing to serve

Tennis Betting Tips to Help You Profit

Many beginners wonder how to win on tennis bets. However, it is sad but true that there exists no magic formula for you to place all your bets and all of them will win. Nevertheless, you can apply an effective betting strategy and do a little research that results in consistent profit.

Come and read our tennis betting tips to learn about how punters who make money regularly do so in the racquet sport.

Understand Player Retirement Rules

Tennis has a questionable status in certain quarters with cases of match-fixing and weird forfeits being more widespread than preferred. Keep in mind the bookmaker’s policy concerning truncated matches, forfeitures or resignations.

Best tennis betting sites have published rules that help them to avoid situations where a player quits or is disqualified, or when a match is not completed.

When gambling on a tennis match, you will find a number of famous player retirement rules; we will highlight four of them.

  • Ball Served – Only one serve is required for bets to stand. If the match doesn’t begin, some bookmakers will void the bet and return your stake instantly. Others will wait and see if the match will be rescheduled and played within 24-72 hours of the original starting time before returning stakes.
  • One Set Completed – All bets stand if at least one set is completed. If a player retires before the first set has been completed, the bookmaker will void the bet and return your stake.
  • Two Sets Completed – All bets stand if at least two sets are completed. Like the above rule, bookmakers will void the bet and return your stake if a player withdraws before this point.
  • Match Completed – This tennis betting rule requires the match to be completed for all bets to stand. If a player retires at any time – even in a final set tie break – the bet is void and you get your stake back.

Compare Head-to-Head Records

Before you bet on tennis matches, you need to do your homework. On what basis would you gamble with someone who loses every game he plays against the same rival? With this information, you will get a better picture about which player is likely to win.

Whenever the head to head is even on their records, you can go ahead and benefit from a gamble into a tie break or many games.

It should be a must to check not only old records, but also new ones because sometimes players change for better or worse on either of the two surfaces they play on, in their careers.

Such instances are seen in the case of tennis players with big serves who falter before strong returners. John Isner comes to mind as a player that has had more success playing against Djokovic and Nadal compared to anybody else. After breaking up most of his good serves, Djokovic and Nadal normally get into rallies more frequently than not, which gives them an edge over Isner.

Consider the Court Surface

While making tennis bets, take into account the kind of court that is in use for the competition. Tennis courts can be divided into three types: clay, hard court and grass.

Grass makes some players rule, while clay does not offer them anything special. At the same time, for others it is just the other way round. Anyway, this only creates another dimension for you to consider when analyzing different tournaments as well as players and tennis bets that are available.

For you to bet on tennis online, it is crucial that you know the peculiarities of every surface and how it affects different players.

  • Grass Courts – The fastest of the three surfaces, the ball speeds off the surface with a low and unpredictable bounce. Grass courts are used at Wimbledon.
  • Hard Courts – Hard courts are slower than grass but faster than clay, with a predictable bounce that can result in long games. Hard courts are used at two of the four major tennis tournaments: the Australian Open and US Open.
  • Clay Courts – The slowest surface that tennis is played on, with the clay slowing down the speed of the ball and providing more bounce than grass or hard courts. Clay courts are used at the French Open.

Bet on Favourites in Accumulators

This takes us to our next tennis betting strategy: accumulators. Many casual bettors, looking for the most attractive bets out there, choose to stack accumulators with low-priced favorites.

In tournaments that are usually characterized by lower ranked players in the early stages, accumulators may be a good play when betting on tennis. This generally implies accepting odds of about 1.14 which comes at a price. The return on investment for a single bet of £100 at odds of 1.14 would be £114.

Despite the fact that you can still get a tidy return of 1.67 in case you place an accumulator bet for four matches with odds ranging from 1.14 to 1.14, and from 1.13 to 1.13 respectively; this is not as bad as it looks like since chances of an upset happening at the initial stages of a tournament are very minimal especially when it involves major. Nevertheless, if you put on a four-match roll-up with each match having odds of 1.14, 1.14, 113 and 113 your gains will be quite encouraging amounting to 167% which is fair enough. Well, that’s nothing too extreme – the majors are usually mercifully devoid of significant early upsets. Thus, don’t discard such bets completely because there are still some positive outcomes but majorly they require a lot of your time and devotion before they finally pay off in big amounts or even make you bankrupt in just one single bet. Do not entirely ignore such kinds of gambles as there might be good consequences attached to them only that they need much commitment from you before they start producing substantial returns or become one match-killer away from bankruptcy

Our bet calculator will aid you in calculating your possible earnings. Alternatively, you can log into a site where gambling is done, and then include the picks on your betting paper to ascertain the aggregates odd numbers as well as how much to win.

Ready to Bet on Tennis?

If you want to bet on a small occasion in the tennis diary or one of the four Grand Slam Tournaments do you know that our best rated bookmaker offers the most competitive odds and widest selection of betting markets? Open an account today and begin betting on your favorite tennis players. Whether it’s an obscure match buried deep within the tennis calendar or one of the four grand slam tournaments, our top-rated bookmaker provides you with highly competitive odds and a great variety of betting options. Start betting on your favorite tennis players by opening an account now.

Tennis Betting FAQs

Where can I bet on tennis?

At, we have created a list of the best tennis betting sites to make it easy for you to bet on the popular racquet sport. We only give our seal of approval to sports betting sites that offer competitive tennis betting odds on every tournament to ensure you can always bet on your favourite player.

What is the best tennis betting app?

There are too many great apps available to recommend just one, but the best betting apps for Android and iOS have several features in common. These user-friendly apps are fast and require little storage space, meaning you can download an app and bet on tennis matches in a matter of seconds.

What is +1.5 handicap in tennis?

In tennis handicap betting, +1.5 means a player has been given a one set advantage. Their opponent’s handicap would be -1.5, suggesting bookmakers expect the favourite to win by two sets. Instead of backing the favourite at short odds, sharp bettors often take advantage of handicap betting markets.

What does 21.5 mean in tennis?

In tennis, an over/under bet requires you to predict how many games will be played in a match. If the bookmaker sets the line at 21.5 and you bet over, you win if 22 or more games are played. If you bet under, you win if 21 or fewer games are played. Simple, right?

What happens to a tennis bet if a player retires?

Tennis betting rules vary between bookmakers, so it’s important to read the small print at the site you join to ensure you know what will happen in such a scenario. Some bookmakers state that all bets stand if the first set it completed, while others void bets if a player is disqualified or the match isn’t completed.
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