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If you hear or think of mixed martial arts (MMA), ultimate fighting championship (UFC) will come to mind.

The UFC is the best brand in the business of mixed martial arts, and fighters from all corners of the globe aspire to be UFC Champions someday. The promotion’s popularity has reached new heights and with a fresh five-year deal with ESPN; it shall continue to attract more fans worldwide.

Whether you are a bettor who wants to try out some wagering on the UFC or if you are experienced in betting on UFC matchups then we have got your back as we teach you how to destroy that bookie together.

Best Betting Sites in UFC

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Understanding UFC Betting

If you already know what sports betting entails, then UFC betting will be a piece of cake.

Gambling in UFC is easier compared with other sports like soccer, basketball or baseball which have many factors that can affect the outcome. Instead, we may choose to concentrate on two people rather than an entire football team of eleven players and above. Such approach helps us to comprehend the possible results of any fight immediately

Combat sports, like UFC betting, are inherently unpredictable. As opposed to basketball games where one team may be leading by 30 points at the end of the third quarter, a single strike or submission can determine the outcome of an entire UFC fight.

With each and every strike, fans and keen bettors have their hearts in their mouths as they gasp, scream and cheer due to the fact that there are many twists and turns that a UFC match can take within just a few seconds.

Punters who have a lot of experience know how to beat bookmakers who do not possess the capacity to employ cutting-edge predictive models that can predict forthcoming fights just like in football or basketball.

Choosing the Best UFC Betting Sites

With all that knowledge you have gained, you can now start placing bets on the UFC. The next step is to find at least one bookmaker that will stand out from the rest.

The right choice of bookmaker is as important as the right bet selections. Bad bookie will give you the worst odds possible and make it almost impossible to be making any profit in the long run, while a nice one will reward you with a decent welcome bonus and keep you there by providing you with the best industry odds.

If you’re prepared to take your UFC betting to the next level, you ‘re going to want bet with these best-rated UFC betting sites for the following reasons.


Your hard-earned cash’s safety is the most important thing ever.

In ranking bookmakers, we seek for those who have proven that they are reliable in terms of security and continue to bring in modern ways of ensuring money, people’s data and their personal information is safe. The SSL technology should be used by all the betting sites to ensure data safety during transmission. We also value those betting sites which have maintained secure login methods on their desktops and mobiles.

Competitive Odds

A bookie can have all the frills, but if they lack competitive odds on their website, then it will not be ranked as one of the best UFC betting sites.

Some websites offer odds that are frequently 5-10% below the industry average. The low odds may not be appreciated by a typical gambler, but we certainly do!

The UFC markets have very good odds for betting and not just on the winner market.


Sports betting online is all about convenience.

Members should be able to withdraw and deposit money with a minimum of fuss, swiftly, and at no cost. No bettor should wait for many days before the money can be reflected in their accounts while they ought not to be required to part with huge sums of money just to access their own funds!

The deposit and withdrawal options are easy to use and convenient for players from all over the world on our suggested UFC sportsbooks.


Welcome promotions are now so many that you should never have to sign up for a bookmaker that does not offer an attractive welcome bonus.

To make your UFC gambling journey with some extra cash in your account, watch out for big deposit offers, cash back specials and loyalty programs.

Live Betting/In-Play

If you’re a daring punter, betting on the UFC can be quite thrilling. However, if you want to make some money in the process, then you need to choose a site that offers a high level of live or in-play betting.

You can find a serious bookmaker who will provide live gambling on the UFC, so that even your mobile or desktop phones can take bets as you watch and see it happening.

Mobile Betting

Hardly ever do most bettors place bets from their personal computer or laptop. You’re probably sitting in front of your TV when you watch UFC or alternatively you are in the local bar.

You will have to be quick logging in to your account, finding the market and placing a bet within seconds when you are on the move.

And that is the reason why one of the main ranking factors is mobile betting app of a bookmaker in terms of speed, design and convenience.

UFC fighter kicking opponent in the face

How to Bet on UFC

As mentioned before, betting on UFC will not be difficult for anyone with prior sports betting experience.

In a way, just like any other sport, betting can be done on who will win. There is also an opportunity to bet on more outlier possibilities such as guessing the exact ways of winning, predicting the duration of a fight or what fighters will get 50 thousand dollars each after each contest. A few are better paying than others.

The most popular UFC betting markets will be discussed and our opinion on the markets you should bet on will be shared.

Outright Winner (Moneyline)

The easiest way to bet on the UFC is through the outright winner market.

When one logs in to any of our top-ranked UFC betting sites, the first market that they will come across is the outright winner. This is a good market for beginners who are just starting out with UFC betting since all bets win regardless of whether your fighter wins by decision, KO/TKO or submission.

For each UFC fight, regardless of whether it’s on the prelims of the Fight Pass or the card for a pay per view event, bettors have options of picking one fighter to win.

This is an example of what the outright winner market looks like.

  • Conor McGregor: 1.67
  • Eddie Alvarez: 2.50

At UFC 205 in November 2016, Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez were the contesting parties, with the former being the one most people had put their stakes on and the latter an underdog.

However, all those who put their money on McGregor in the outright winner market at odds of 1.67 were rewarded with a handsome profit after he knocked out Alvarez in the second round.

The most important thing in the outright winner market is that your fighter wins the fight. If you’re confident a fighter will win, but unsure which way it will happen then the outright winner market is for you.

SBO’s must-know tips:

  • When a “draw” occurs, wagers on both fighters “to win” are refunded.
  • Any fight that is deemed “no contest” will have all wagers refunded.

Regardless of whether or not you are new to UFC betting, we highly suggest that you put your money on the overall winner market as it stands for the biggest possibility to make long-term profit.

Total Rounds (Over/Under)

Betting on the UFC doesn’t always imply that you have to choose a winner.

However, punters can apply their knowledge of mixed martial arts to predict whether a fight will take more or less time than the bookmaker has specified.

As an example, the total rounds market may be set by bookmakers for a three-round fight at 2.5 rounds, so that the bettings on whether the match will last longer or shorter than 3:30 minutes in the third round are placed.

These are the total rounds that Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez went through in the UFC Lightweight Championship fight:

  • Over 1.5 rounds: 1.56
  • Under 1.5 rounds: 2.65

The line for the five-round title fight was 1.5 rounds. The over 1.5 rounds selection had better odds than the under.

Alvarez was stopped at 3:04 of the second round by McGregor, and punters who bet on over 1.5 rounds won with odds of 1.56.

SBO’s must-know tips:

In any given round, bookies consider any stoppage before the 2 and a half minute mark as under and above that point as over-the-half way. Take for instance the down to much hyped McGregor vs Alvarez fight, its over under was set at half of the second round.

Just like the winner category, the total rounds market is also our favourite and one that we always advise every bettor to consider.

Method of Victory

To increase your earning potential when gambling on the UFC, choosing the precise method of winning is one of the most effective strategies to utilize.

The method of victory market does not simply involve predicting an outright winner but allows a bettor to place bets on whether a fighter will win the fight by KO/TKO, submission or decision.

For instance, here are the method of victory odds for the Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez fight.

  • Conor McGregor to win by KO/TKO: 2.10
  • Conor McGregor to win by submission: 16.00
  • Conor McGregor to win by decision: 9.00

Certainly, however, Eddie Alvarez supporters could have chosen to back him in any of these ways.

McGregor’s chances of becoming the outright winner swiftly went down to 1.67 thereby reducing bets on him by a few odds. McGregor knockout/technical knockout yielded a profit of £110 with a bet worth £100 and had an odd of 2.10.

SBO’s must-know tips:

  • A KO/TKO is defined as a referee stoppage (while standing or on the canvas), doctor stoppage, corner stoppage, or when a fighter retires due to an injury.
  • A submission is defined as when a referee stops the bout due to tap out or technical submission, or when the fighter verbally submits to a submission or strikes.

If you see outstanding value, we only recommend placing bets on this market for win method; it provides a lot of betting opportunities.

Round Betting

An alternative way to enhance your potential returns while gambling on the UFC is by choosing in which round a fight will culminate.

In case you were sure that Conor McGregor would bring Eddie Alvarez to an end early on in UFC 205 but you were not attracted by the betting odds for McGregor to win in the outright winner market, then narrowing the victory time and selecting the round of the stoppage might have improved your odds.

Below are the odds for a round in the fight between McGregor and Alvarez.

  • Conor McGregor wins in Round 1: 5.00
  • Conor McGregor wins in Round 2: 7.00
  • Conor McGregor wins in Round 3: 13.00
  • Conor McGregor wins in Round 4: 13.00
  • Conor McGregor wins in Round 5: 17.00

This match saw McGregor knock out Alvarez in the second round, which led to all bets on him winning in that particular round earning $600 from a $100 bet at 7.00 odds.

SBO’s must-know tips:

  • If a fighter retires in between rounds and fails to start the next round, the fight officially ended in the last round.

The circular gambling market can give back huge profits to bettors who really know MMA. We advise placing wagers on this market only if you are knowledgeable about both combatants and their styles.

MMA fighters gauging distance during fight

Understanding and Finding the Best UFC Betting Odds

If you are a beginner in sports betting, we suggest studying odds and their meaning.

The bookies set the odds and they may vary widely depending on the site. We advise you to bet with our recommended UFC bookmakers to ensure that you continue accessing the best UFC odds.

In the area where you are based, your preferred odds format will be visible.

  • European odds format (decimal odds, e.g., 2.50)
  • UK odds format (fractional odds, e.g., 6/4)
  • American odds format (moneyline odds, e.g., +150)

The following is a brief overview of each type of odds format:

  • Decimal odds reflect the ratio of the entire payout in accordance with the stake. For example, a £100 bet at 2.50 will return a total of £250 and a profit of £150.
  • Fractional odds display the ratio of the amount won from the stake. Similar to 2.50 in decimal odds, a £100 bet on fractional odds of 6/4 will return £250 and profit of £150.
  • Positive moneyline odds represent the amount that a punter wins when they bet £100, and negative moneyline odds will show the required stake to win £100 in profit.

These oddities are not arbitrary. The gainfulness of a bookmaker is largely determined by the odds which they are offering, and these odds have been carefully computed to reflect the expectancy of every possible outcome.

For instance, McGregor entered the fight against Alvarez as a favorite of betters since he was considered more likely to win.

  • Conor McGregor’s odds were 1.67 and that represented a 60% implied probability of winning.
  • Eddie Alvarez’s odds were 2.50 and that represented a 40% implied probability of winning.

You can read more about implied probability here.

You will now examine the odds and quickly identify the bookmakers’ favorite as well as the underdog. That way, you can easily compare odds from different bookies to find the best value for your UFC bet.

Our responsibility is to make it easier for you to bet by compiling the finest odds for all UFC events right here in SBO.

You will now examine the odds and quickly identify the bookmakers’ favorite as well as the underdog. That way, you can easily compare odds from different bookies to find the best value for your UFC bet.

Here at SBO, we make betting easier for you by bringing together the most profitable odds for all UFC fights on our MMA Betting Tips page.

UFC fighters inside octagon about to fight

Tips/Strategies for Betting on UFC

When it comes to beating the bookies in UFC betting, every bet counts.

However, you can just go in and bet without any strategy at all but chances are that you will lose it all at the end of the day. We want nothing else but your victory and a very big one indeed; hence we are going to share with you some of our proven approaches to making money from UFC betting

Use Your Value-Goggles

It is not always advisable to select the fighter you anticipate will emerge victorious.

This may go against all of your sports betting beliefs, but you can earn yourself some serious money by identifying undervalued teams and backing them.

Holly Holm’s win over Ronda Rousey in 2016 is perhaps the best illustration of this.

When the bookmakers opened the betting market for Holly Holm in this contest, she was tagged an underdog at 9.25 odds.

The odds conveyed an implied chance of winning of just 10.8% but anyone who knew a thing or two about the world of MMA (and especially those who had watched and researched Holly Holm) would have sworn blind that Holm was more likely to beat Rousey than anyone else ever.

A total of £825 was gained by some people who wagered £100 on Holm defeating Rousey at 9.25 odds. Such a chance is rare…

Raise Your Stakes When You Find an Edge

If you are fortunate enough to come across an opportunity like this, then the logical thing to do is increase your wagers.

Some bettors employ an even flat stake method of gambling, which does not allow them to change their bet amount irrespective of their confidence. In some instances, like when wagering on UFC fights, this may work against the punter as there are some opportunities that are far much better than others.

We suggest that you increase your bet proportionately as your level of confidence goes up. A majority of the people will find three levels to be ideal:

  • Confident – 1x stake
  • Very Confident – 2x stake
  • Extremely Confident – 3x stake

Why is this effective? Certainly, it is not an everyday occurrence that you get the chance to bet on a trained professional fighter against a celebrity…

Who can forget CM Punk’s MMA debut versus the highly proficient Mickey Gall? The bookmakers pegged odds at 1.95, which is a great value bet and should have bigger stakes than normally.

Why not having a go at Ronda Rousey’s return to the ring against puncher Amanda Nunes? By this UFC, which advertised it as an even contest, was completed by Nunes in less than one minute. The result was predictable; thus many bettors and experts nailed this outcome long before and made a fortune from betting on Nunes winning by KO/TKO at amazing odds of 3.64.

There was no doubt about it that fans of mixed martial arts would have seen both outcomes coming as early as then, and clearly they were no ordinary UFC bet.

Explore The Markets

Investigate every available market for each fight is perhaps the greatest advice we can give anyone who wants to bet on UFC matches.

Bookmakers tend to get the odds right for every outright winner market and thereby leave little value for prospective punters, but that does not mean that there is hidden value in the trenches!

You should pay attention to extended markets like the method of victory and round betting options we mentioned earlier as they usually offer high-value opportunities.

Such as, Aljamain Sterling won his first submission in almost three years by knee barring Cody Stamann at UFC 228. Even though it had been a long time since Sterling got a submission win, the bookies thought they could give him odds of 8.45 to submit Stamman even though the fight win odds were low at 1.62.

It didn’t make sense to back Sterling at those odds in the outright winner market with a 1.62 against up-and-coming fighter such as Stamann. However, Sterling to win by submission was a clear high-value bet and allowed the punters to profit £745 for a £100 bet.

Bet on the Latest UFC Fights

If you’re an ardent UFC follower, then it’s certainly worthwhile to put your time and money into betting on UFC fights online.

The UFC is unlike other mainstream sports, which bookies haven’t been able to fix because they use sophisticated predictive analytics; this allows alert gamblers to venture out into the market and make huge profits. Hurry up!! Sign up for our number one rated Ultimate Fighting Championship betting platforms now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do UFC betting odds work?

Depending on your location, you’ll like encounter one of three popular formats of displaying odds; European format (decimal odds), UK format (fractional odds), or the American format (moneyline odds).

How can I win at UFC betting?

We’ve included three of our best strategies to beat the bookmakers when betting on the UFC here in this article. If you want to take the guesswork out of placing your UFC bets, you’ll want to refer to the tips provided by our expert team here at SBO.

What happens if a fight is a “No Contest?”

Any fight that is deemed “no contest” will have all bets refunded.

Is UFC betting legal?

If online gambling is legal in your country/state, then you’re able to place bets on the UFC legally. To know more about the gambling laws in your area, please refer to our guides to betting in your country.
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