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Wagering on wrestling is an unusual topic, but we are here to illustrate which gambling places offer World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) odds and what options you can bet for.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be fully aware of how to bet on top-rated wrestlers in the world’s biggest wrestling companies. Check our WWE betting guide now and discover where and how to bet on your favourite wrestlers.

Best Betting Sites in WWE Betting

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Why Bet on WWE?

Inform your friends that you are placing bets on WWE and they might just give you those funny looks in response; however, did you know that some people have really cashed in big time by betting on WWE, one of whom was a 67.0 underdog in 2014?

WWE gambling can never be as profitable as sports such as UFC or soccer because the amount of stakes is limited. This makes it impossible for insiders to influence the outcome. Nonetheless, you can still make some extra money and really enjoy yourself at the same time!

Here are five reasons to bet on WWE:

It’s Fun!

Above all else, it is just enjoyable – which is a good enough reason in itself! Wagering on underdogs in the Royal Rumble keeps things interesting especially when your wrestler almost gets eliminated only to avoid it dramatically.

Low Risk

WWE’s betting caps are usually low; thus, you can only make small bets. It implies that you can risk little capital at any given time hence it is a good choice for anyone interested in low-risk propositions.

Outrageous Odds

Once in a while, you will get crazy odds on something that has already been written down and is practically certain to happen! Brock Lesnar was 67.0 odds in 2014 to defeat The Undertaker – and he did it.

Last-Minute Changes

Stories can change dramatically whether it’s a conversion of emotions or unexpected injuries. An absoluteness could become an uncertainty such that it can be converted into profit.

There are Patterns

Sometimes, there are some major surprises; however, for the most part, the overall story goes in ups and downs with protagonists (good guys) and antagonists (bad guys). After observing a lot of wrestling matches, you will see that various storylines are repeated and this can enable you predict who will win the coming games.

Masked wrestler swinging through ropes to kick opponent in face

How to Calculate WWE Betting Odds

Betting on WWE has many unique aspects, but one thing that is similar across wrestling and other organized sports is the process of calculating betting odds.

For the majority of the best sites for WWE betting in terms of a range of odds formats, it is also rather easy to switch between different kinds of them. Further, we provide more information about the top two kinds of odds format that are widely used by those who bet on WWE:

American Odds

Moneyline odds, also called American odds, are widely used in the United States. They become simple when you understand how to read them.

Odds may be either positive or negative. To start with, positive odds are preceded by a ‘+’ symbol and the number tells you how much you can win if you bet $100 on it occurring. On the flip side, negative odds are preceded by a minus sign (-) and reveal to you how much to stake to make $100.

Take for instance if Brock Lesnar is fighting Dean Ambrose. In this case, the odd against Lesnar is 450 and it is four to one against Dean Ambrose.

You must wager $450 on Lesnar to win $100. When you divide this by 100, you will understand that you have to bet $4.50 in order to make $1.

However, Ambrose has high chances of success. To see this, $100 wager could return $310. Therefore if you divide this by 100 you will see that you can get $3.10 for a bet of $1.

Decimal Odds

If you live in the United Kingdom, fractional odds might be something you’re acquainted with. Or even decimal odds can limit your interest. Nevertheless, understanding decimal odds is much easier to understand and it is worth spending time to get a grasp on them.

Decimal odds are a sign of the amount you will earn from £1 bet. You win £2.10 with 2.10 as the odds, or £2.14 with 2.14 as the odds. Evens is 2.00, everything else is odds on below that mark; for instance, 1.20 returns £1.20 from a £1 stake – including your stake itself.

Types of WWE Bets Offered

When beginning to bet on World Wrestling Entertainment, you’ll most likely be inclined to back one wrestler over another for a win in their contest. However, other options exist which usually offer more favorable odds than mere victory.

Below are some of the most popular WWE betting markets:

Match Winner

This is the traditional wager made by all bookies in regard to which WWE match will end as a classic. It is easy to bet on a match winner as one just has to put money on the wrestler whom they think will win. One should be cautious whether disqualifications (DQs) counts or not when placing bets.

Method of Victory

Betting on the method of victory when you have a hunch on how the match will end can give you higher odds compared to the simple match winner market. One common way of winning is through pinfall, but other methods are likely to fetch you even better odds. It is worth noting that top faces do not often submit.

Signature Move

There are many WWE betting lines and one of them is signature moves. These offer you a chance to place bets on the times a superstar will perform his or her finisher in a match, such as over/under three finishers in a given match.

Sometimes, during Pay-Per-View (PPV) events, like the WrestleMania, many of these events end with finishers. This is particularly common among some wrestlers such as Goldberg, who instead of displaying a variety of moves, tend to deliver loads of finishers.

Champion By

If you believe a superstar is on their way to greatness, you can bet on the time it will take them to become a champion. In order to place a bet, examine the PPV calendar and outline some of the possible events that they could win the belt at.

Next Champion

Next champion, like the ‘champion by’ betting market, lets you put your money on who will be the next champion without having to state any specific date. It is important to note that a Money in the Bank winner can become the champion at any time; therefore, think about this when making your bet.

Star Rating of Listed Match

Dave Meltzer, the person responsible for publishing Wrestling Observer Newsletter, wrote this one and not WWE studios. Since its inception in 1982, it has been grading wrestling matches involving companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

It may be possible to bet on a match earning a 5-star rating or better, which is a feat only about 200 matches have achieved.

Female wrestler raising championship belt above head

Popular WWE Events for Betting

Nowadays, a few betting websites can let punters bet on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. In other words, you’ll have a chance to wager on most marketplaces within several days since they occur regularly. However, WWE’s PPVs draw huge crowds and generate the most betting activity among all its events.

WWE PPVs are held on average once a month and they host the most celebrated and attractive matches. They act as platforms for championship bouts involving the company’s greatest performers and also include some of the strange fights you won’t watch at any other place – this is why people should try WWE betting through them.

You can bet on WWE matches at the following events:

Royal Rumble

There are 30 superstars who participate in the Royal Rumble which is a significant encounter on WWE’s calendar where each of them aims to be the last man standing. For elimination to take place, an opponent has to be thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. The reward for winning this match is securing a chance to headline WrestleMania event later in the year –the biggest showpiece in WWE.

It is significant that wrestlers take part in the Royal Rumble match in a specific order, since they stand a better chance of winning as they enter later and later. Four winners have emerged from this position number twenty-seven which is most successful.

The outcome might come as a surprise, however – the 2021 Royal Rumble was won by Edge, an underdog despite being the first participant. There is also a possibility of seeing old favorites who have stayed away from the arena in years. All these factors put together mean it’s quite difficult to predict the outcome. This in turn means valuable WWE betting odds.

Elimination Chamber

Pins and submissions are the criteria used to eliminate each participant, until one person or team is left standing and declared the winner. The main event of the Elimination Chamber is a unique match consisting of participants who are first locked inside cages or ‘chambers’ and then let out at specific intervals till there are six combatants involved.

The Elimination Chamber matches are often built on long storylines, with each of the six opponents having something to lose. Dynamics can change suddenly due to situations where there are no disqualifications and a steel cage encloses everyone within its confines, thereby resulting in some unexpected outcomes. Therefore, it would be advisable to look at the WWE betting odds for the Elimination Chamber.


You have probably heard of WrestleMania even if you are not a big fan of wrestling; this is the highest point in WWE’s calendar, usually held in April, where the greatest stars go head to head in matches that fans expectantly wait all year long. It also provides great chances for WWE betting.

This was exemplified by the 2014 encounter between The Undertaker, a fan favourite, and Brock Lesnar, his heel. The Deadman put up a challenge for what is called “The Streak”, having won all his WrestleMania matches for twenty one times in a row. Breaking that tradition of over twenty years, Lesnar defeated The Undertaker in an unexpected and shocking turn of events.

The betting shop runners were taken aback as well with some bettors putting money on Lesnar at 67.0, proving that even scripted storylines are not immune to surprises.

Money in the Bank

In the Money in the Bank concept, the main event winner is supposed to climb a ladder and receive a briefcase. This is given that it contains an agreement which allows them to redeem it for a world heavyweight title fight whenever they wish. This always results in champion being defeated during other fights when he or she has just been injured by his opponent.

The event usually involves multiple wrestlers who are not ranked highly in the wrestling industry but still end up as winners of the match. Former winners like Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, and Otis have already emerged victorious in the past matches. The likelihood of underdogs winning at Money in the Bank is one of the reasons why it is seen as a good PPV for WWE betting.


SummerSlam debuted in 1988, the same year as Royal Rumble, and a number of people like to echo that it’s just as much fun and exciting. Known as “The Biggest Party of the Year”, SummerSlam usually hosts some of the most notable matches outside WrestleMania in any given year. For instance, main events have seen Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels, Edge vs Undertaker in Hell in a Cell match or Brock Lesnar vs Triple H.

SummerSlam is one of the biggest pay per view events of each year and this means that there are always a lot of people placing bets on WWE matches. Monitor the buzz around SummerSlam in order to find out the best betting opportunities available for you.

Survivor Series

The events of Survivor Series are among the longest running in WWE. This is second only to WrestleMania, and it is one of the most highly regarded occurrences in a year. At least half of the matches involve teams made up of two or more wrestlers each, thereby making this PPV special and interesting to audiences.

It is the same place where Vince McMahon, an evil character in the wrestling ring and real life owner of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), tried to Rig the championships match to ensure that Bret Hart lost his belt before he defected to WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in 1997. With such episodes taking place, it means that there are good chances for betting with WWE!

WWE Betting Tips and Strategy Advice

When it comes to betting on WWE, there’s no use going into the nitty-gritty of statistical analysis unlike in MMA betting. Instead, it would be preferable if you broadened your perspective to include considerations like fan preference, strategic direction of the company and sometimes even stock prices as well as any political aims influencing bets on WWE matches.

Here’s our top five WWE betting tips:

Bet With Your Head

Just like every other sports, it is important to bet with your brains and not your emotions. If you are betting on what you desire to happen as opposed to what you feel will actually occur, then this is a sure recipe for failure.

Watch Previous PPVs

Study the previous PPVs and watch for trends. Does an underdog always win at WrestleMania? Are there many DQs in particular types of matches? Utilize this information to forecast future outcomes. (The length of the output is approximately equal to that of the input)

Read Fan Forums

Wrestling fan forums are full of a lot of crap but they can also be good places to gauge what the industry thinks about recent developments. If all fans are craving for one star to win, it will eventually happen – just think of Daniel Bryan.

Check the Stock Market

The New York Stock Exchange quotes the price of WWE’s shares under trading symbol ‘WWE’. While it is bad enough that fans are unhappy, when stock prices fall, things heat up for WWE management. If the share prices plummet then be aware a drastic change could occur which may also include a big upset leading to an emergence of a new champion who captivates the viewers.

Study the McMahons

The McMahon’s have a big say in the company with them having over 70% of voting rights. This sometimes has an effect on the business strategy and hence match outcomes.

For instance, in 2010, Linda McMahon ran for the position of US Senator from Connecticut which happened to occur during a PG-era in WWE so that it helped her avoid controversies.

John Cena, the controversial ex-champion, was recognized as the most popular and successful WWE superstar during his time. There are many instances where John has been subjected to public ridicule by fans but he still manages to win. However, her positive attitude towards life and family values are the reasons why she continues winning.

Ready to Bet on WWE?

The best WWE betting sites, from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania, are packed with a wide range of betting markets. Sign up for an account with our top-rated bookmaker and bet on your favourite wrestlers at upcoming shows.


Where can I bet on wrestling?

Our complete guide here shows you the best places to bet on WWE. This includes sites which allow one to bet on PPVs and in some instances, Raw as well as SmackDown. You may also be eligible for a bonus when you register for this service.

Are there maximum bet limits on WWE matches?

Most of the WWE matches have strict betting limits, which helps to reduce chances of an insider, who is a shenanigan, risking the company. The bookies need wagering requirements in order to avoid being swindled out by players from betting houses as they award bonuses.

Do I get paid if a wrestler is disqualified?

Before putting money on WWE, it is essential to read the terms of conditions carefully. Normally, upon a disqualification win made by the wrestler you staked on, you would be paid. However, some WWE gambling platforms will insist that disqualification wins don’t count.

Q.Is WWE betting fair?

A.Because of the healthy mix of anxiety and fear attached to WWE betting; it is not as much twisted as people may tried to do so. Convert small letters into capital words, but limit stakes in order to maintain fairness in markets. And sometimes shocking events happen, such as when The Undertaker lost at WrestleMania against a 67.0 opponent.

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